June 6, 2012

Wiww [hair accesory addition]

*Side note, I thought I had set this up for Wednesday, but apparently I didnt!*
I am definitely not huge on taking pictures of my outfits, (lets be honest, how many people looove it??) so I decided to do a hair accessory addition of What I Wore Wednesday.
I love hair things. A lot. So when I got my latest bag of lovelys from {Just.Lovely.Things} I was sooo excited to see a few surprises in there! I wear them all the time. Even if my hair is dirty, and messy, and knotty, it looks a little prettier with a flower, or a bow!
Here is my WIW, and I wore lovelys 6 days in a row.(I told you, its an addiction!)
Days 1-3
Days 4&5
Day 6, With a little bit of day 5 on the bottom!

What are your go to hair accessories??

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