December 22, 2011

Real Life... {Pintrest}: Week Two

This week, I totally slacked on the picture process! (It could be because two little monkeys were not happy about mommy taking 5 minutes to prepare dinner!)
Anyhow, on the menu from {Pintrest} this week is Salsa chicken in... you guessed it, THE CROCKPOT!
(I am in love with my crock, okay?)
Its pretty easy, and its another household fave!
 All you do, put in your chicken (I used a full breast), A can of Cream of Chicken, a cup of Salsa, and it calls for a package of taco seasoning, (I used dried, diced jalepanos, mesquite seasoning and a dash of cumin)
Then, you let it cook.
I took off the lid to check on it, and used a fork to pull the chicken apart. The aroma was amazing. I was so excited for dinner. 
This wasnt dinner. I ended up getting to go out to eat with my Mama. Hubby had it straight out of the crock pot, and loved it. I had it as tacos the next day for lunch. I added a little sour cream and some home canned corn salsa. DELISH! 
So there you have it, another meal off of pintrest, that I could make all by myself!!


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December 15, 2011

Real Life... {Pintrest} Week:One

So, after my failed attempt at Waffle Brownies, I was a little discouraged. But, not enough to give up!!!
This week for dinner I made Crock Pot Lasagna!!! It looks so good in the picture, and a meal in the crock pot... what a cinch! (yup, I really just said "cinch") 
Even though it looks really easy, could it possibly be??? 
Oh yes. It is THAT easy!
Brown your meat. (We use ground turkey in our house, but you can use beef, or chicken or whatever suits your fancy!)
This was probably the hardest part. I have a very big "issue" with touching raw meat. It grosses me out, and gives me the heeby jeebys. 
Hey look, non cooked noodles! (I told you this was easy!)

A few layers of dry noodles and a mix of cottage cheese and mozzarella, then a final layer of turkey.
Right before I was ready to serve it, I threw some cheese on top, and let me tell you, when I opened the lid, it smelled amazing. :)

It also tasted amazing. I got a big thumbs up from Hubby for cooking something delish all on my own!!
I would use a little more cheese next time, but other than that, this is one "pin" that is here to stay!


December 12, 2011

Real Life... {Pintrest}

I am not a good cook. At All. Like, really bad. So Pintrest has been a new fun way for me to try and tackle my cooking skills. 
Which brings me to the new series I am going to be bringing to you every week! I am going to be trying out one of the pins on my board (are you following me on PINTREST yet?) and I will take pictures and talk my whole way through it. I will let you know how it tastes, how it smelt, and if I failed or not. LOL! {Oh it happens, missed the first fail?? Check It Out
So get ready for a whole bunch of laughs {because, me cooking, is hysterical on its own, without unexpected disasters}


December 8, 2011

Pintrest Adventure!

I am in love with pintrest, (who isnt right?) So while I was pinning, I found something yummy that Brax and I could do together. 5 Minute Waffle Browies! 5 minutes, for brownies, in my waffle maker??? Score! 
So, we make the batter (totally from a box, thanks BC) 
Got the Waffle Maker Preped!
Insert boxed Brownie Batter
Now, this is where it gets tricky... According to the pin, it says, Heat the iron to the lowest setting, and 5 minutes, Tahdah... Here is what I got 5 minutes in...
A Big Gooey Mess. 

So I adjusted my setting to medium, and tried again. Again... FAIL. A little better, but it would have been more like a 20 minute brownie. Finally, I turned it all the way up, and 
 I GOT ONE! (dont mind that it was crunchy, and totally inedible) 

So I have a bag full of brownie crumbles... and lets pretend that some of them went with my granola and yogurt this morning... I would say, It would be delicious, fail and all!

December 7, 2011


So a few weeks ago, I had a man ask me if I got bored being a stay at home mom. {wait, what?}
 I took a moment to collect my thoughts before answering. How on earth could I ever possibly get bored? It is not like I sit around all day in fuzzy slippers and watch soap operas, {although my MIL does record General Hospital for me, so when I go to her house I can indulge}
I spend my days 
constantly picking up Bo from falling down,
giving out cuddles and kisses to boo-boos,
wiping butts and buggers,
resolving fights,
doing laundry,
giving baths, 
working on school skills with Brax,
reading books to both kiddos,
paying bills,
going grocery shopping,
trying to make time during naps to run on the elliptical,
squeezing in time to write on here,
update the Shop,
cut coupons {Yup, it takes some time to organize that disaster!}
if I'm lucky I get to shower. 
So I thought, as all these things were running through my head and my kids were trying to jump out of the grocery cart, about the answer I would give, this very sweet, and very clueless man. "I wouldn't say I get bored, I would say it's very challenging." He smiled and apparently that was a good enough answer. 
Oh to be a man, just for a day! ;)

December 1, 2011

Postpartum Struggle

 I have had a very rocky road with  postpartum after having my second son Boden. I want to share my story with all of you, in the hopes, that someone out there wont feel so alone.  
After I had my little Bo, I started realizing that something wasn't right. I thought "oh, I'm just tired, it'll go away once i get some sleep." "oh its just tough having two babies, it'll go away once I get in a routine." "oh, its just the baby blues, it'll go away in a few weeks on its own." Then one day, {when Bo was 6 1/2 months old} my husband finally broke down, and told me that he was worried about me. At first, my reaction was, deny, deny, deny. But I finally broke down and realized, I needed help. My sister-in-law noticed it, my mother-in-law saw it too, but I was so temperamental everyone was afraid to say something.  I truly don't think I would have ever said anything, if it wasn't for my husband. I was quick to lose my patience with hubby (which is never fair!)  I was always depressed. I had these self-imposed ideas of what a stay at home mom should do, and would become overly critical of  myself when I couldn't live up to my own expectations. (Hubby was nothing but supportive, and never expected anything but for me to care for the kiddos.) I cried, I was always tired, I became a hermit, if you looked at me the wrong way I would lose it. 
So, after trying to talk it out with my family, and openly admitting that I knew I had a bigger issue that I couldn't deal with on my own, I finally took the right step, and called my Dr. It was so terribly embarrassing for me to say the words, "I have  postpartum depression" that I started crying on the phone with the appointment maker. {whom I went to high school with, to make it even more embarrassing.} When I went in for my appointment, all my Dr. did was ask how I was, and I started bawling. I didn't have thoughts of hurting my children, but I felt like the biggest failure. He hugged me, and said that I wasn't a bad mom. {which doesn't make a bit of difference when you fail to live up to your own standards.} I was opposed to taking any medication, because I was nursing. But at this point I didn't know what else to do. Then my Dr. said something that really hit home. He said that if I wasn't taking the best care of myself, I would never be able to give 100% to my babies, and they deserve it. So,  he gave me a super low dose, and assured me that it wouldn't hurt my baby. That made me feel like an even bigger failure. 
My husband has been the hugest help and support. Once I was finally able to admit what was wrong, my life took a complete 180. My relationship with my husband, is better than it had ever been. My attitude towards being a stay at home mom has changed. {although I still have days where I feel like I need to be super mom, and have a spotless house, crafts done, dinner made, desert baking and be 115 lbs.} My babies have a happier, healthier mama, and that right there is the most important thing in the world.
I thank God everyday that my husband finally said something to me. It changed my life. I always thought, it wouldn't happen to me, and I felt so bad for the moms that had to go through postpartum depression.  IT is true that you never fully understand something until it happens to you.

The one thing I learned, is to ask for help. If you ever feel like you cant do it, or you become so overwhelmed your life becomes unlivable, ask for help. {from your significant other, from God, from your Dr., from a stranger in a chat room.} Having support is the key to getting through all of this. For me it was a very lonely and embarrassing thing to go though as a mother, but I feel like a stronger person for it. I think the most important thing is to not feel ashamed, and to ask for help as soon as you feel like its all too much, I waited way too long, and only hurt myself. 
(Boden and Braxton, my angels)
Thank you for letting me share my story with you all today. :) 
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