September 28, 2011

Silly... Try Crazy!

My life. Perhaps I should have titled my blog something much different.... Silly is not the word I would use today. Maybe hectic, crazy, intense, overwhelming, bizarre, rushed. Insert any word here ___________.Beautiful.Life
that means I feel like Im losing it.
I keep pushing myself to these unreasonable limits, and then I lose it.
My inquistive babies seem to know when I am on the brink, and continue to ask a million questions they know the answers to.
I worry myself sick over things that havent happened, and more honestly, probably wont happen.
Be Calm.
All the while, I know I need to turn it over to the Lord, and let him take control. Slowly but surely I am trying... but for someone who prides themselves on organization, control and lists... its sure difficult. On days like today, I know I need to put my trust and faith in the One trust constant.
Be Faithful.
On another note, have you ever tried to take a self portrait with your DSLR while driving 80 on the freeway because the lighting is amazing??? Lets just say is kinda difficult! However, I am wearing my new lovely!! It truly is an addiction. (Dont know what I'm talking about?? See for yourself Here)
Tomorrow we leave for vacation (well, a long weekend) with my sister in law in Grass Valley. We are making a day trip to Tahoe, too! There will be tons of pictures, so be prepared! :)

September 25, 2011


Between all of my busyness, I have started canning. I am a little behind this year, and I have been longing to do it! Hubbys coworker brought in a box of apples for us, so, after having them on my kitchen counter for 4 days, I made a few quarts of applesauce.

Then, I found a pretty good deal on strawberries at Albertsons, so I impulsively bought them, not having a clue what to do... TAH DAH! Strawberry jam!!!

THEN... I found a recipe for corn salsa, and Hubby helped me finish that up this afternoon while I was emailing and creating.It smells so good, this might be my favorite new thing! (Ill let you know how it tastes when we use it! Im thinking it would be great on chicken tacos!)

This week my MIL and I are going to attempt to get some tomatoes done. We use them so much, between salsa, spaghetti sauce and stews that we need ALOT. Our friends grandparents have a farm down the street a little ways, so we will go buy out there! Yum!!! It makes me feel good to see the food that I have prepared in the pantry, and to be able to share it with our family!

September 24, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday!

I Looooooooove yard sales. Today I only had a few that I really wanted to go to... and well, I ended up at a few more, and a few more and a few more! I have a minor  (ok, MAJOR) shopping problem. BUT I love deals and saving money too, so it works out for me that yard saleing is fun!
I found a ton of vintage fabric, some flour sack kitchen cloths (my fave!) a small dresser, a few embroidery rings for a super cute thing i saw on Katie's blog (she has a love of vintage pyrex that makes me happy! check her out here! 4 Calliou books for Brax, 2 Hooked on phonix dry erase books (also for Brax) 3 little board books for Bo, and my best find of the day.... a 8 serving set of International China Company Stoneware dishes (Festive) for.... $3.00!!!!!
For a grandtotal for the day, (including the newspaper I decided I needed)

I know yard sale time is winding down, so I am stocking up now on all the crafty things to keep my babies and I occupied on those yucky days!!
Hope you are all having a great weekend!

PS, here is the beautiful scene I saw as I went into Yreka on Friday morning!
Those tiny little specks are hot air balloons. Shortly after my anger at not being able to get the balloons better, I asked hubby for a new lens for my camera! :)

September 20, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Hubby mowing the yard!

My special tomato plants, LOL! i planted them too late, but we ate the first tomato off of one, and it was soooo yummy!
ANNNNND, a new pretty! More details on this special piece, coming soon!

Of course we watched football... the Raiders just barely lost! :( (but i am truly a tom brady fan... can we say "HOTTIE") Had a family dinner at the mils, and snuggle time at home before bed! I love the weekends, but i always feel more stressed out. Like i should be doing something worth while, or more exciting. Oh well, we had a great weekend! Hope you did too!

September 16, 2011


Today my little sister turns 21.
This does two things for me.. 1) makes me feel reallllly old (and i am only 4 years older than she is!) and 2) makes me reflect on where I was on my 21st birthday.
Heres my story:
On my 21st birthday I was 8 months pregnant with little Braxton Lucas (who at that time might have been a Noah Thomas). For my birthday Braxtons dad and I went for a weekend, to Monterey. I looooooooove Monterey. We went to the aquarium, walked around down town, walked on the beach, and went to a comedy show. It was the best 21st birthday a mama to be could have had. 
I think about where I was, and look at where my sister is. It is incredible what becoming a mother does to you. (Not in a bad way, I love the "older" me.) I thank God everyday He gave me the strength and courage to become a young mom, and I am praying all day long for paitence. But in the end, I wouldnt have it any other way.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, and sweet sister, Courtney. I love you Babe!

September 13, 2011

BIG steps for my LITTLE man!

Today was a tough day... not for Braxton, but for me. It was his first full day of preschool. We walked to school this morning, and he wasnt sure he wanted to stay. However, when I went to pick him up, he didnt want to leave, and proceeded to throw a HUGE fit! At least I know he loves school.

This morning was new for me. After our walk, I came home, Boden ate breakfast, and then napped. I got to start working right away on listing new pretties in the shop![ ] It is exciting to start this new venture!! After we picked up Brax, we took Nick lunch, and came home and had our own lunch. (well, I did. My boys didnt feel like eating today!)
After baths this evening, my boys were full of it!
My Braxton angel loves to read his "magazines" and then asks a million questions. My favorite tonight was "why does Donald Duck has his hands on his face.... I think its because he is thinking!" (I never really get to answer his questions)
Boden was dancing around the kitchen singing! I love seeing him in Braxtons old jammies. It is wierd though, to think that I have two beautiful boys, and they have shared clothes! Sometimes I feel like yesterday I was graduating high school. It is so true how they say the older you are the faster time goes!

Time for some quality snuggle time with my hubby and some ice cream! Yum yum yum!!! :)

September 11, 2011


I have finally entered the 21st century! WE HAVE THE INTERNET AT HOME!!!! (for those of you who dont know, we have never had the internet or cable, this is HUGE!) This summer has been crazy to say the least, my baby turned 1! Braxton started preschool! (you can count on a following of that, he already has silly stories and hes only been there one day!) and.... drum roll...... I am opening an etsy shop!!! I started beading when I was pregnant with Brax, and I have a good very large inventory! It has been a blast for me to get it back out and go through it all, and I've actually been doing a bunch of new items, and tweaking old ones! The shop is a slow start, but I will be slowly, over this next week adding inventory!
So stay tuned as I get back into the swing of things! :)

*and of course, you can check out the shop while its under construction! *
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