My Story

It has been 13 months, and I am just now getting around to writing a bio. I may or may not have slacker tendencies... You decide! ;)
I am the wife to one amazing man. There are days I dont know how to put up with myself, and he does it with so much grace. He works full time so I can stay home with our kiddos, and now, he is currently in school part time to become a Sheriff. So with his 50+ hour weeks, and his amazing husbandly/daddy skills, I am a pretty lucky woman.
I have the 2 cutest little monster boys in the world. They can light up my world and make me slightly insane all in the same smile. At 4 and 2, they are a handful. Somedays I wonder what more space between them might be like, but I know this is all how its supposed to be.  We get asked all the time if we are going to try for a girl. NO. Its that simple. My life is so full with the two littles that I have, I cant imagine anything different.

Theres a lot of bumps and bruises along the way in our little journey, but the one thing I know without a shadow of a doubt, is that our family was made perfect by the one and only Creator. Without His guidance, and His grace, I wouldnt make it through my days.
Enjoy the journey along with us, and always feel free to share yours with me!

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