February 9, 2012


This is my very first little blog "game"! I was tagged by Pidg!! So there are a few small details I need to let you in on. {Aka, the rules}

  • Post these rules
  • You must post 11 random things about yourself
  • Answer the questions set for you in their post.
  • Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  • Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them.

I am going to start with the Q's that Pidg gave me {Hoping it will give me motiviation to come up with 11 random things, and some more Q's for my other blogger friends!}

If you were a book what would your ‘title’ be?: This is pretty hard, I have read a ton of books in my day, and trying to think of one that is my life?? {thanks Pidg} I am going to say: The Fabulous Life of a Half Sane Mom. {So after I read the question a few times, I realized I could make up a title, I didnt have to compare... DUH!}

What value best represents you? You know, faith, integrity, knowledge that sorta stuff. {No, don’t give me money values…Haha! I beat you to it} Part two: What value would you like to work on the most for yourself?: I think my value is Loyalty. {Almost to a fault} I would do anything for those that are close to me, support them. Right or wrong. Thats just me. I think the value I need to work on the most is my faith. {Dont we all struggle??} I need to deepen my walk with the Lord, and be the woman I was made to be.

What is it about your spouse that completes you so perfectly?: Just one??? LOL! {I love you babe} He is level headed. I am kind of a hot head, impulsive, do it now or never type, and he always talks me into thinking things through, or tells me no! {Usually for good reason, even though I never see it in the moment!}

How many fingers am I holding up? No, really?: And this is why I love her, and her blog. Pidg, You are holding up 13 fingers right now, probably because one of the kiddos is in there, helping you cheat! ;)

What is your most cherished keepsake?: Hmm, this should be easy right? Oh, I know I know!!! The hope chest my great grandma gave me. :) I have painted it white {poorly, it was one of my first "redoing" projects!}

What {to date} would you say is your greatest accomplishment?  {Stop moaning, if you’re tagged I already know you’re amazing!}: Definately my babies. {Cheesy and predictible right?} But really, once I had my babies, my whole life changed drastically for the better. I have become so much more of the person I always wanted to be. {I say so much more, because I am still working at it, but thats life, right?}

What was your favorite book, toy or game when you were little?: I used to loooove paper dolls. Every Saturday when I was a little girl, my Grandma Lynn used to take me to the store for a "Saturday Toy". {It later became Saturday outfit, and then Saturday Shopping spree when I moved away!} I had all kinds of paper dolls, Disney ones, princess ones, little girl ones... I loved them!!!

Why do you ‘really’ blog?: {Awfully in depth here arent we??} I blog for my sanity, I blog for my shop, I blog for my far away family, I blog for my babies... and I blog to be apart of the bigger picture. There is so much more out there than in my little town, and this makes me feel like I am apart of something larger than me, larger than GP. A small piece in a whole big puzzle!

Loch Ness monster…Fact or fiction? : Definately fact. LOL. I am a believer in these kind of things... Big Foot probably lives in my backyard. ;)

What or who inspires you to be a better you?: My babies make me want to be the best I can be. My family and true friends help me believe in myself, and show me that I can be better, and I can do anything I put my mind to.

Why do you think we women enjoy these blogging game thingys?: Oh because it lets us "check out" for a minute! {or in my case, gives me a million 5 minute breaks to try and get this done!}

Onward to some {ok, 11} random tidbits about my life:

1. I crack up everytime I read the word verification things, I sound them out and laugh, usually too much.
2. I am terribly afraid of the dark. When hubby has to leave the house for work in the middle of the night, we stay with his mom. I also sleep with our toliet room light on. {Yeah, we have a bathroom, then a seperate room off of it for our potty.}
3. I love to read trashy magazines. You know, Us, People, In Style.
4. We dont have cable. We have a large tv for dvds and ps3.
5. I have craft "moods". Sometimes Im totally in the mood for beading, other times sewing, knitting, or repurposing. Right now its modge podge.
6. I read quick. There are days when the kiddos are calm, and we'll all just chill, and its nothing for me to finish a 400 page book by the time hubs gets home from work.
7. I am currently in the "severe" catagory for baby fever... which is why we are looking for a puppy!
8. I have been flying since I was about 6. {Usually alone} Now, I cannot stand flying.
9. I could eat chicken for every meal. A close second, is bacon.
10. I have never "juiced" anything. I am hoping to get the hang of it soon.
11. I gave everyone handmade gifts for Christmas. {Except the babies} If I didnt make them, I bought them handmade.
Oh my Tagee's! ;)
I know, big huge crazy list right?? ;)

Q's for you girlies!
1. What was your first cd??
2. Do you name your car? IF so, whats your cars name?
3. IF you were a Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream flavor, what would it be?
4. Top sheet or not? {I always kick mine to the bottom, whats the point of it?? LOL}
5. What is one of your personal goals for the year?
6. What do you think makes you successful? {and all of you girls are!}
7. What is your favorite season?
8. Black and white or Sepia?
9. N'sync of BSB??
10. What is your favorite thing to create?
11. If you were a housewife from any of the cities, which one would you be? {Everyone watches The Real Housewives of blah blah blah right??}

This is a no pressure fun kind of thing! If you dont get around to it, no big deal! :)
If you want to see the woman behind the blog who "tagged" me, visit her here and tell her I sent you!

February 6, 2012

RLP... Superbowl Style!

{Please excuse the poor quality of the photos. Brax messed with my camera, and now something is all wonky with my lense. Thank goodness for the 2 yr warranty!!}

Have I mentioned how nice it is to be able to go to one spot, and find a bunch of delicious eats to inspire me? (Realllllly cool!) Plus, I already know that I will, at least semi, like these foods, I picked them to put on my board! So with a few little clicks, and gazing at mouth watering pictures, I came up with my superbowl appetizer!

{Insert little kid laugh here... yeah, I just said balls!}
These are so super easy!
All you need is 1lb ground sausage, 1 package of cream cheese, 1 1/4 c. Bisquick, and 4 oz. cheddar cheese shredded (I grated my own Colby jack, since that is what I had on hand, and it worked just fine! Id be curious to try it with mozzarella!)
Soften the cream cheese, and put everything in a large mixing bowl!

This is where hubby came in for me, and mixed it all by hand. {I have a really big fear of touching raw meat. It grosses me out so bad}
Next, you roll the mixture into little balls, roughly 1". {Hubby's were rather large, and took a lot more time to cook!}
Do NOT grease the cookie sheet! I did, and they burnt on the bottom. Not okay! This goes back to my lack of kitchen common sense. I didn't realize that the sausage has grease of its own! Then put your balls {Yup, Balls again!} onto the cookie sheet!

If you made 1" balls,  I am sure that 25 minutes would be plenty, but as we had big balls {tehehe} They cooked for about 33 minutes. I made two batches; one with regular sausage, and one with Italian sausage. It all got eaten up!

{Clearly this is not my picture! Where is my picture? Well I was so upset with my camera, I put it on a timeout!}

They turned out great! I was given a few suggestions for next time.
-Instead of grated cheese, put a chunk of cheese in the middle
-A little less Bisquick
-Season the sausage for a more flavorful taste
-Try different cheeses

I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend!! If you haven't noticed, I have started Real Life... Pintrest on Mondays. It seems to be easier for me to come right off the weekend and post about my weekend food!!

Are you following me on Pintrest??
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