January 30, 2013

Mommy Brain

Apparently this forgetfulness lasts long after pregnancy. Or maybe never goes away. (Ill let you guys know if I ever find that memory I used to have.) This morning I was feeding B breakfast and getting him dressed for school. Normal. Three day a week routine. As we drive along, and get almost to school, I remember that today is in fact pajama day, and school starts an hour later. Oh yeah, and I need fully precook end sausage. Ummmm, really?
So turn around, undress him, put his Niners PJs on, finish getting myself presentable, then head to the grocery store. B is horribly picky. So we have this whole conversation about how he doesn't want to bring sausage because he doesn't even like sausage. Guess what buddy, mommy needed to contribute, and that's where she wrote her name. Don't eat the ssauage. Problem solved. I proceeded to buy myself an Odwalla juice, and B lectures me about how that's not enough for the whole class. Apparently the sausage convo 2 minutes ago was lost on him.
We finally get to school, and I don't even get an " I love you" from the little man. Thank you. I just ran around crazed, and no goodbye. Ahhhhh!
Are there any cures for this mommy brain stuff, obviously other than sleep, because I am trying to be realistic here folks. ;)

Please indulge in your mommy brain stories here, so perhaps we can all have some chuckles!

January 24, 2013

The restaurant drop off

I love to shop. I also love to take my hubs with me, and get his opinion. Too many times, I end up dropping him off at a restaurant, or sports bar, so he can sit and watch whatever “game” might be on.
Which brings me to the whole point of this rant, why don't they have more places like this in malls. You throw a great sports bar in at one end of the mall, and tah dah. Business. I know from personal experience that alcohol = money spent. I can't tell you how many times, when I was younger, my girlfriends and I would have a nice lunch, drinks, and go spend more money than we anticipated. And most of the time, it's expensive things I wouldn't normally buy.
During Christmas season a few years ago, we were in Portland shopping. It was a dream come true, right near Nordstrom, the ESPN sports bar!!! Uninterrupted shopping, without the hubs seeing how much I was spending. (That's the year I spent $75 on juicy couture ornaments) If hubs would have been in the store with me, it would have been a quick in and out, with no needless spending.
I know bigger cities offer more opportunities for these things, and such is the downfall of living in a small town. One handy dandy thing about the Internet is that you can search and find restaurants in the area you'll be shopping. Vacationing and shopping go hand in hand. So search  Restaurants Boston,MA and  tah dah. Hit google map, and you have the perfect spots to drop your non shoppers off while you pound the pavement for deals.
We have been talking about taking a weekend together, ALONE for a while. I truly think that the next time I get to shop, on vacation, I will do my research ahead of time. And find the shopping centers near sports bars. Then, I can shop without feeling guilty! Plus, after shopping, (which is of course exhausting) I can enjoy an adult beverage with the hubs! Win-win if you ask me.

Do you have certain strategies to shopping with the non shopper in your life? Or do you just leave them at home?

This is a sponsored post, however all the views and opinions are completely my own.Restaurants in Bostona, MA

January 17, 2013

Weighing In

Wanna know something? I'm overweight. I'm not big boned, (unless my bones magically grew more dense after child birth) I am not husky, I'm not plump. I'm fat. Yup. And I own it.
However, while I can admit it, it's not something I want to live with for the rest of my life. I have been on a weight loss journey for a few months now, and I am down 15 lbs. which is rad, don't get me wrong, I am proud. But... I still have 30-35 more to go. And I'm going to do it. I am currently on a plateau. The weight is apparently fond of me, and doesn't want to leave.
Where did this all come from? Well, I was looking at pictures of myself after having Brax, and I remember being smaller right after I had Boden than I am now. Wtf. I know how it happened. Boden was a constant breast feeder, so I was a constant eater. All those awesome dreams of nursing equalling weight loss were shattered as I started packing on the pounds. I didn't eat the healthiest either. Cookies were my weakness. But really, after a 2 am feeding, I wasn't about to make myself a sandwich. So snacks it was. And here I am, 2 years later, fat.
My boys were playing wii fit plus today, so I decided to hop on and make a profile. My mii age... 40!!!! Ouch. Ok, thanks video game for telling me I'm old. But more than that. Thanks for giving me motivation to keep pushing through this plateau.
My husband, kiddos and puppy deserve the healthiest me. I deserve to be healthy,so here I go. Pushing forward, and getting this ball rolling again!

January 15, 2013



This word is dirty in my house. I have always had the vision of having my family, all around the table enjoying a meal together.
I cook two dinners, I admit it. I have made one very picky child. (I wonder if that's hereditary, I am picky.) He is getting so much better with every day. He tries new foods, at least one meal a day. I attempt to make things for the hubs and I, that our 2 year old should have no problem eating. Usually, I am successful. He eats great. There aren't many foods that he doesn't like.
Then there's brax. He eats like me. Not much. The things he does eat though are great. He loves his fruits and veggies. I think one of the only veggies he doesn't like is over cooked asparagus. (Who can blame him) He loves, loves, loves broccoli and bell pepper. But, try to get that child to eat a bite of chicken that isn't nugget shaped, and I might as well be speaking Japanese. He tries them, but never likes them. And his gag reflex is amazing. He doesn't even have to put it in his mouth and he is gagging.
So the food is rough.
Sitting at the table, my kids do great for the first 10 minutes, but after that, they are humming, dancing, throwing food and silverware, knocking over drinks, and seeing who can “cheers” the most times. One starts laughing, then the other, and its a chain effect.
We have nice conversation about our favorite part of the day, and it makes us all thankful for the things we have. Then BAM chaos... (What was I thankful for again??) I know as they get older this will get easier, but oh my guacamole dinner time is rough.
Any great tips for dinner conversation other than, how was your day, and what are you thankful for?

January 14, 2013

Breaking It Down!

I am a mom. Sometimes it's mommy, mama, mooooooooom, and occasionally they throw out Fallon. That's the first, and most important hat I wear. I took on the responsibility the day I found out I was growing a little bean in my tummy. That day I made the decision to become the mom that raises her little ones to be polite, respectful,and responsible human beings. I also made the decision to instill these traits in them from the start. I want my children to be able to grow up, and be good, up standing citizens of our town, state and country. I hope that someday, when they look back at their childhood, they know that mommy was doing the best she knew how to raise them, and prepare them for the real world.
I am a wife. (Which usually sounds more like babe, honey, princess or sparkles.) I am that supportive wife. I am always behind my husband 100%, unless I know for certain he is wrong, then I am beside him, gently guiding him in the right direction. There are so many different types of wife. I am the wife that lets her husband make decisions, but isn't afraid to add her two cents. However, I am the wife who believes that her husband can ultimately make the choice, and I will support that choice. We have a partnership, and I could tell you it's equal, but I don't believe that's how a marriage should be. I'm a little “old school”, and I believe my husband should be the head of the household. I want it that way, and I've chosen that way. Now, don't get me wrong, my husband doesn't have this amazing life with no responsibility other than bringing home the bacon, he has chores, too. And I ride his butt to get them done, but he does support my staying at home, so he does have “get out of jail” passes.
I am a daughter. I love my mamas. (My mom, my mil, and my sons grandma) yup, I am blessed with many great women who inspire me, and are role models for me. They push me to be the best “me” that I can be. I love that I have so many strong women in my life, it's more love I have, and more people to bounce ideas off of. I have a dad and a “pop” also. I guess I am their daughter too, haha. ;) All of the parental figures in my life have given me examples, and life lessons along my path thus far.
I am a friend. Which I have really let go of these last few years. I am finally (after losing all my friends for my babies) putting myself out there, and rebuilding as a social person. This is where I struggle most. Not because I am a bad friend, but because I put my family first in my life, and I rarely find time for my friends. It's a struggle to realize that my family will make it a few hours while I go have “girl time.” I am actively working on pulling myself out of my bubble. (Ill keep you posted on my progress ;))
Lastly, I am a woman. I struggle here more than anything, (yup, you thought my being a hobbit was weird...) I feel guilty taking time for myself. There is always something in my house, or with my husband, or my children that needs to be done. So, naturally, I take care of all those things first. Then, at the end of the day if I have anything left when everyone is asleep, I'll do for myself. My husband pushes me to do for myself, but I can't bring myself to Let to of the responsibilities that stare me in the face.
As women, we feel as if we should have it all. Perfect children, smokin’ hot bods, and beautiful homes. I haven't found the balance of making it all work, but right now, I know I am working towards the healthiest, most centered me I can be.

Being Honest

So I sit her and think about my blog, I think about it a lot. What's keeping me away? My lack of time management, my own fear of failure, my Lord directing me in other directions? I'm not sure, but I want to take it back, I want my path this year to include my blog, for me.
I read all these amazing mommy blogs where their kids are perfect, their house is adorable (and spotless, regardless of young ins) they show “real” pictures of their kids and those cute faces just seem so... Posed. Perhaps it makes me feel inferior. My kids usually have dried go-gurt on their face, and not for my lacking as a mom, (I bathe them I promise). My kids are little monsters. Fun loving, hyper active, jumping on (or off) the couch little boys. So my house always has the toy of the day strung throughout our modest 1400 sq. feet. Let me tell you, toys make it feel tiny!
I have the normal mom “issues” if you will. I cannot use the restroom alone, I am constantly hearing “mom, mom, mommy” all day long, and just as soon as I put something away, the kids pull it out. But, I have raised dependent little buggers. My 2 year old is constantly at my legs. We are currently in the middle of severe separation anxiety. Like, I cannot go in my room and shut the door without a meltdown. My genius 5 year old spent the first 2.5 years of his life in my lap, being constantly entertained. These last 2.5 years have been hell trying to breed some sort of independence in him. Now, I will say, I am not complaining by any means. I made these two little boys who they are, so I realize I am the responsible party here. I just would like to know where the handbook is to raising kiddos.
These “perfect” blog mamas clearly know of a secret book that tells you how to have it all, and raise self sufficient, intelligent, and dang adorable kids. I just want to know the secret to cleaning my house with a toddler on my leg, or in my arms.
I apologize for coming back to the blogging world with such a lengthy post, but these last few months have been spent evaluating (ok, ok, comparing) myself, and my family. Also, trying to find my niche in this huge world of blog. I am back, and though I cannot promise a specific number of blogs a week, I can guarantee some serious laughs, probably tears, and pictures of messy kiddos loving their life.

(Speaking of funnies, my 2 year old is convinced his name is "Honey Boo Boo Child" after hearing it on GMA!)

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