February 23, 2013

Living With Boys (and having Rotorooter on speed dial)

It's no secret that there is a difference between having boy children versus girl children. This past weekend we were at a birthday party for a friend, and there was an old friend of mine from high school with her kiddos. An almost 4 year old girl, and an almost 2 year old boy. This sweet little girl, was shy, and quiet, and wasn't running around chasing the dogs, or shiesting peoples phones . Which brings me to my point, boys are crazy! Or maybe it's just mine, but I have bred crazy little men.
My kids love to play in the bathroom. Home of epic bathtubs with Lush bath soaps, and awesome water color changers. Where my kids really love to play, is the toilet. Gross, right? This awesome hole with a lid is the home to many car races, superhero hot tubs, and most importantly, lots and lots of toilet paper.
Looks normal right?? Its the toliet of doom!!
More often than not, I can fish out whatever toy was having a "spa day" with some simple kitchen utensils, but when it comes to the 2 brand new rolls of toilet paper, including the cardboard, that were maliciously unrolled, and left to sit in the toilet... I need help. I tried to flush it... Oops. Then I had water all over my bathroom floor. Because I was afraid of what may lie beneath the toilet paper, (maybe the kids thought it was an awesome time to actually poop IN the potty) I called Rotorooter. Apparently they have no shame and will tackle that poo head on. So basically if I would have owned a plunger and 5 gallon bucket I could have cleared this awesome poopless blockage, but instead, I paid for it. The guy was super nice, and I just kept apologizing. It must be a relief though to not actually have a "shitty" emergency, and just have a clueless mom.
My kids still use the toilet as a play place. It's true, I can't get them out of there. It flushes, its mesmerizing, I get it. However, someone needs to invent a toy stopper. You know, something that the pooh will still go through, but has magical powers to stop foreign objects from making it through. (Ill let you know when I'll be on Shark Tank)
Until then, I'm stuck with kitchen tongs, a spatula, and Mr. Rotorooter wondering why my kids are playing in the toilet.

This is a sponsored post, but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.

February 7, 2013

I'm a "Gleek"

Ok. I admit it, I'm in love with Glee. I makes me happy, and it puts into my head that I sound good in the shower. I'm sitting here tonight, going through the first season on Netflix. I love seeing the kids grow, and their relationships change. It's so heart warming, and I think about high school. Hubs is having his 10 year this year. Crazy! Which means we have known each other for 12 years now. Wow. Time flies....
Anyways, back to music, which is where the whole post steamed from. I am interning to these songs, and it makes me wonder, why is music a memory. What I mean by that is, how can one song, remind you of a time, a day, a person, or a situation. There R some songs that weren't even out during high school, that take me right back to that memory. Does this happen to you guys?
I am an over emotional person. I cry when people win big money on game shows, because I get so incredibly happy for that stranger. But music (totally distracting myself) really gets me. Being so emo, I cry a lot over music. Even happy tears! (I'm a hot mess people.)
I love the way that music can put into words things I didn't know how. I love all types of music, but country is usually my go to. And old school rap. (Love me some ja rule) so many songs open the memory flood gates, and tonight on Glee, they were rocking out to Journey. It reminds me of an old friend of mine, and I can't help but giggle.

Do you guys have an songs that just take you back?
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