April 29, 2013

Things Daddy Says (or didn't say)

So this week, Daddy didn't say anything that I can remember. This week has been hard. Hubs is so close to being done with school, and it is definitely the dark before the dawn right now. So daddy didn't say squat worth a laugh this week. However, Bo said something that knocked me right off my rocker. Here's how it went: 
Boden puts his hands down his pants- "Mommy, I have a pee pee. Do you have a pee pee mommy?"
Me- I sit in silence wondering what in the world I can possibly say to that. "Uhhhh, kinda Buddy." T
That was all I had, I didn't know what to say. 
The next morning, he saw me getting out of the shower. Boden- "where's your pee pee Mommy?"
Again, speechless. 
Are there really ever right words for moments like this? 

April 15, 2013

Things Daddy Says {again}

Hubs is going to school to be a Sheriff Reserve right now. It is this major time consuming part of our life. It takes so much time, and so much of our thoughts. It's a lifestyle. But anyways... Hubs and I were sitting at the dinner table talking about the remaining things he needs. If you haven't analyzed cop stuff, everything is basket weave. We had another awesome conversation! (I love our chats.) 
Hubs: I need a notebook cover. 
Me: Basket weave? 
Hubs: they have Basket weave everything. Basket weave hummingbird feeder, basket weave romper, basket weave men's Tungsten wedding band. 
Me: I'm getting you one. You'll be all basket weaves out.
Hubs: I'll have so much basket weave, they'll start calling me the dream weaver! 
The things that we say. Seriously, I'm glad there aren't hidden cameras in our house! 

April 9, 2013

Keeping Up With The Jones' Yard

Everyone is out working in their yards right now, planting, and primping, and adding their spring election yard signs. My yard is still in progress. I haven't gone out and bought new flowers yet, there are still weeds in my flower beds, and I certainly don't want to draw attention to my untended lawn by putting election signs in my yard. (I get it, they make people look, and think about what measure the yard owner is supporting, but It doesn't add to the yard feng shui.) 

I have a few plants ready, and my porch is cute (even though we don't sit there) but I still have a long way to go to make sure that it is exactly how I want it, and halfway decent compared to every other lawn on the street. 

This is a sponsored post. All the thoughts are my own.


April 8, 2013

Things Daddy Says

I am really having fun with the things Hubs says. Last weekend, we were dying Easter eggs Saturday night, all by ourselves. The kids were in bed, and we had slacked on the good parent thing. I saw on Pinterest this really beautiful Ombre egg. I looked it up, and told Hubs I was making an Ombre egg. He asked what Ombre was, so I showed him a picture of Ombre hair, and explained that its "term" for fading from light to dark. Guess what Hubs said?
"So someone dyed their hair, were too lazy to go get it redone, and decided it was cool to have 2 colored hair?"
Yes honey, that is Ombre. :)
I love the way he looks at things, and the way he thinks is amazing! I am lucky to catch these things that fly out of his mouth! Hopefully I have enough to make this a series of sorts.

My Volkswagen

When I was 15 my mom bought me my first car. $500 dollars, and it was root beer (Or poop) brown. It had a crank handle I had to turn to open my sunroof, and it was all decked out in Hello Kitty gear. It wasn't at all what I imagined my first car to be, but I loved my little Larry Roesch Volkswagen
I was slightly wild in my younger days, and had no fear. With just my learners permit, I would drive my little Jetta to pick up pizza, go tanning, or all around our little town. My mom caught me a few times, but I had spare keys and a wild streak. 
My car was a year older than I was, and kids around my neck of the woods were driving brand new cars.  I was a little embarrassed of my old thing, but it was reliable with a stero that worked, and a sunroof! How could I not love it. 
The brown love of my 15 year old life got sold before I turned 16, so I never drove it legally. This car set the standard for the rest of the cars in my life. I have a few things I cannot compromise on when looking at new cars. I must have a sunroof. There is no getting around that one. I feel claustrophobic otherwise. Also, my car must have a great, working stero. That means speakers sturdy enough to last on days I need to "feel" my music. Although I no longer require Hello Kitty duds in my car, I have to have some kind of decor. (Right now it's carseats and tissues. That counts right??) 
It's funny how one little thing can give you a baseline to grow from. Thank you little Jetta for starting my car future out with a bang! 

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and ideas are my own.

April 6, 2013

Along My Weight Loss Journey

I have been struggling with this weight loss journey of mine. I mentioned here that I was down 17lbs. Since then, I've plateaued. It has taken me weeks to get over that bump, and back to losing weight again. My body is finally ready to push through, and move forward with this weight loss flower mound. Although the scale is telling me the weight is coming off, I'm not sure where it's coming off from! 
I am down almost 2 dress sizes. (I am eating 3 Cadbury mini eggs as I write this) I am feeling amazing in my body, though I am not quite where I want to be. I am getting close! By continuing to watch my portions, and watching the type of food I am putting in my body, I know the weight will continue to come off. 
If I say out loud that I am "dieting" I immediately go into hibernation mode, where I feel the need to eat as much as I can. Quickly. So to keep myself on the right path I've started looking harder at labels, and choosing things that are fresh. Another way to keep myself away from reaching for a quick fix, I try to have lots of healthy snacks ready and available. Sliced fruit, veggies, nuts, granola and yogurt are all go to snacks for me. Oh, and lots and lots of water. I mean lots. I have a reusable water cup with me at all times. 
I am working on finding the perfect exercise routine for me, but right now, that's not a huge factor in my weight loss. I will continue to fine tune my exercise and then once I find something I truly enjoy, I will add it to my everyday lifestyle. 
Regardless of the struggles, this is all working for me. I still have cheats, and I'm not crazy insane strict, but my body is re-teaching itself how to eat. It's not a quick fix, it's a forever lifestyle change, so I'll be patient while I get to my target weight the right way. 

April 1, 2013

A Daddy Analogy.

My kids are spoiled. Not in the brat sort of way, but they have no lack of toys. The electronics ban is still (mostly) in effect, but it's not like they don't have anything else to play with. It drives me bonkers to hear, "I'm bored." 
I was venting to the Hubs one day about the kids not playing with the abundance of toys filling our house, and he said he didn't understand. We take the toys our kids have away, and they don't seem to care. Then he suggested we buy them more, cooler toys, then take those away. Slightly childish, right? But here is the analogy he used to explain his reasoning.
" if you give a bum ONE DOLLAR, then snatch it out of his hand, he'll be upset, but not overly concerned, it's only a dollar. BUT if you give that same bum ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS then rip it out of his hand, he'll be PISSED, because that's a lot of money." 
So apparently I should buy my kids some really cool stuff, then snatch it away. Then they would appreciate the dollar??? 

I would like to say that my husband is a rational man, and doesn't normally tease people of all living situations to my knowledge.
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