June 25, 2013

Summer Reading Book Swap!

It's officially the summer before Kindergarten in my house. That means playing outside, river days, camping, and lots of reading! We just got the latest installment of George Brown Class Clown. We were both over the moon when the box came in the mail, and that got me thinking. I have participated in some swaps before, but why not have a swap for the kiddos. And a book swap at that. I don't know about your house, but in mine, checking the mail is a treat, and it's even more exciting when we get the little key to open the "package box". 

So here's all the details. 
I think that to make this truly about the kiddos, we should let the kids pick for the kids.
 Most kids books are fairly inexpensive, so lets try to keep it under $6. All of my favorite books come from the used book store for $1.
 My kids love all kinds of books, on all kinds of topics, if your kiddos have a specific genre or topic they are interested in, let me know. 

To sign up, email me at sillybeautifullife@gmail.com
Child's name:
Reading level:
Topics of interest:

Return these back to me by July 26, 2013 if you would like to join the fun!


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