February 6, 2012

RLP... Superbowl Style!

{Please excuse the poor quality of the photos. Brax messed with my camera, and now something is all wonky with my lense. Thank goodness for the 2 yr warranty!!}

Have I mentioned how nice it is to be able to go to one spot, and find a bunch of delicious eats to inspire me? (Realllllly cool!) Plus, I already know that I will, at least semi, like these foods, I picked them to put on my board! So with a few little clicks, and gazing at mouth watering pictures, I came up with my superbowl appetizer!

{Insert little kid laugh here... yeah, I just said balls!}
These are so super easy!
All you need is 1lb ground sausage, 1 package of cream cheese, 1 1/4 c. Bisquick, and 4 oz. cheddar cheese shredded (I grated my own Colby jack, since that is what I had on hand, and it worked just fine! Id be curious to try it with mozzarella!)
Soften the cream cheese, and put everything in a large mixing bowl!

This is where hubby came in for me, and mixed it all by hand. {I have a really big fear of touching raw meat. It grosses me out so bad}
Next, you roll the mixture into little balls, roughly 1". {Hubby's were rather large, and took a lot more time to cook!}
Do NOT grease the cookie sheet! I did, and they burnt on the bottom. Not okay! This goes back to my lack of kitchen common sense. I didn't realize that the sausage has grease of its own! Then put your balls {Yup, Balls again!} onto the cookie sheet!

If you made 1" balls,  I am sure that 25 minutes would be plenty, but as we had big balls {tehehe} They cooked for about 33 minutes. I made two batches; one with regular sausage, and one with Italian sausage. It all got eaten up!

{Clearly this is not my picture! Where is my picture? Well I was so upset with my camera, I put it on a timeout!}

They turned out great! I was given a few suggestions for next time.
-Instead of grated cheese, put a chunk of cheese in the middle
-A little less Bisquick
-Season the sausage for a more flavorful taste
-Try different cheeses

I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend!! If you haven't noticed, I have started Real Life... Pintrest on Mondays. It seems to be easier for me to come right off the weekend and post about my weekend food!!

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Pidg said...

I tagged you in a post come see!


Robin said...

These looks delicious!!! I am totally with you on touching raw meat, it grosses me out as well! Thanks for sharing these!

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