October 5, 2011

Shopping For A Cause

So I have decided I want my shop to have a purpose. One day while I was out thinking about how bad our lawn needed to be mowed I made a decision. Each month, proceeds from each sale will be donated to the "cause of the month". Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, it was really easy to start there. We all love to shop, and do it because we can, so why not help out other people while we're doing it? Everyday I think about my life, and unfortunately tend to dwell on the things I dont have, cant do, cant be. I am making a change. Now, I am going to focus on the things I DO have, I CAN DO, and what I CAN BE. What I DO have is a husband who works his tail off so I can stay home with our healthy, happy babies. I CAN help other people by doing what I love. I CAN give back simply by making and selling my passion. (of course I need your help there) I CAN be that woman who is a great mom, loving wife, and a difference maker! I challange all of you to think about what you can do, even if its buying an extra box of cereal on sale and donating it to your local food bank. We can all make a difference, but we need to work together! Lets start making that change... NOW!

Here are the pictures from our vacation to Grass Valley/Tahoe!
Brax walking Izzy!
My Boys at the "salmony kokanee" (as according to Brax) run.
Goregous view from the creek trail!
Brax and Mama (and my lovely!)
The spawning Salmon!
Mrs. Salmon doing her thing! :)

Id like to hear your ideas on what we can all do, to make our communities, and families, and lives better! :)


Alisha said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!! Thrifting is harder than it seems but pays off when you find a few great items. I've heard great things about estate sales!

Your pictures are beautiful. Love all the different colors!!

Sarah said...

I just wrote about pinkwashing and I'm glad to come across an idea that is truly meaningful and authentic when it comes to supporting breast cancer awareness! Great idea and I'll be checking out your shop!

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