September 28, 2011

Silly... Try Crazy!

My life. Perhaps I should have titled my blog something much different.... Silly is not the word I would use today. Maybe hectic, crazy, intense, overwhelming, bizarre, rushed. Insert any word here ___________.Beautiful.Life
that means I feel like Im losing it.
I keep pushing myself to these unreasonable limits, and then I lose it.
My inquistive babies seem to know when I am on the brink, and continue to ask a million questions they know the answers to.
I worry myself sick over things that havent happened, and more honestly, probably wont happen.
Be Calm.
All the while, I know I need to turn it over to the Lord, and let him take control. Slowly but surely I am trying... but for someone who prides themselves on organization, control and lists... its sure difficult. On days like today, I know I need to put my trust and faith in the One trust constant.
Be Faithful.
On another note, have you ever tried to take a self portrait with your DSLR while driving 80 on the freeway because the lighting is amazing??? Lets just say is kinda difficult! However, I am wearing my new lovely!! It truly is an addiction. (Dont know what I'm talking about?? See for yourself Here)
Tomorrow we leave for vacation (well, a long weekend) with my sister in law in Grass Valley. We are making a day trip to Tahoe, too! There will be tons of pictures, so be prepared! :)
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