November 30, 2011

Settling Back in, Just in Time for Chaos!

I finally  have my little monster back! (He was visiting his daddy for the last 13 days!) He had a great time, and Bo got his very first real one on one time with mama. It was nice to be able to focus solely on him, and read with him, and take showers during the day, go to lunch with my mom, and have quiet time at nap time! (I horribly missed Brax every single day, dont get me wrong here!)
So yesterday was preschool, and my errand running. woohoo This morning, I Bo woke me up at 630, which is better than the 540 its been the last few days! We got up, had a mini snuggle sesh, and I decided to make muffins for Brax for breakfast. I was feeling ammmazing. (I have struggled for a very very long time to be that "together" mom) Monster wakes up, comes and gives me cuddles, Bo is eating breakfast, and I tell Brax about the muffins.... just as the oven beeps, he gets way excited. As I go to get them out, they look awfully brown on top, YUP. I.BURNT.THE.MUFFINS. So, there goes my "together" day. LOL. I was feeling brave enough to take both of the kids to the grocery store with me, but not so much anymore. Perhaps I'll see what my mom is doing!
Hope you guys are all having a beautiful Wednesday!

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