January 31, 2012

The List.

So I posted something silly on my FB page about it being National Compliment day. (Yes, of course I threw in the, " Honey better start making that list!)

Hubby is a smartass. And I truly love that about him. SO, he makes his little remark, and the joke is on me. (surprise!)

But then, Hubby comes home from work, and casually puts this on the counter:

Its a list, of all the reasons Hubby loves me. It is so sweet, and so thoughtful. and... so from a man. LOL. My top 3 favorite things he loves about me are as follows:

"You are good at fishing" - Yes, I try to be "good" at it, but I think it is more luck than anything. Plus I wont bait my own hook, or take the fish off by myself. Basically, all I want to do is cast out, and reel 'er in! ;)

"You always smell pretty" - Pretty as in, Honey, you need to take 5 minutes and shower, because all I smell is dry shampoo and body lotion trying to cover your dirtyness!

and probably my favorite:

"You do well at cleaning our house" - He is so sweet. There are so so so many days when he walks through the door, and there are toys all over the living room, lunch all over the kitchen floor, the sink is piled high with dishes, and toys continue to round the corner down the hall, unfolded laundry on the couches (yes, usually both) and dinner still frozen!

With all the sweet things Hubby said, I figured I would let you all know a few of the reasons I love him!

1) He works his tail off to make sure I can stay home with the babes.

2) He is so insanely supportive of any and everything I do. (He once beaded with me, when I was on a deadline crunch!)

3) He knows that look on my face that means, "Please make the children be quiet for 5 minutes so I can go pee in peace" (and He always takes charge)

4) He pushes me, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually to be a better person.

5) He makes a mean beer can chicken!

6) There is this one spot, right beneath his chin, to the right side, on his shoulder, where my head fits perfectly. It feels like Heaven.

There are a million other reasons, but you get the jist of it all. I have a great Hubs. 


Danielle {@} sugar blossom boutique said...

that's so sweet! sounds like you've got an awesome hubby! i found your blog through the weed comment, haha! had to see who you were! xo

Ashley said...

That is so incredibly sweet! What a great man!

Kylee Noelle {blog} said...

this post is so sweet! he sounds like a keeper! :)

samara dane said...

oh wow. how can something so simple like a not bring so much joy? they are the best. this one is SUPER great too!!!

thanks so much for checking out my blog! can't wait to read more of yours!!!
happy wednesday:):)

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