January 30, 2012

Real Life... {Pintrest} (Super Late Christmas Edition!

Ok, so we go everywhere on Christmas. We start Christmas eve, and go to my Grandma's and then to Hubby's Grandmas. Move to Christmas morning. We open presents and do our thing with the boys first thing in the morning. THEN, we go to my mama's house for breakfast. (which is where I made my first Pintrest Breakfast!) After breakfast, we usually go to my  MIL's for dinner, but this year, we just went and hung out, then did our presents and dinner the day after. Its a lot of Christmas, followed 7 days later by Monster's birthday. (Great "planning" right? )

This year, I got a little more involved with breakfast making, and decided to make something I had seen on pintrest! This is my take on the delicious Cheese and Egg Wreath!

First, take a can of fridgerator crescent rolls, and lay them out into a starish shape!
Next, add a strip of already cooked bacon onto each crescent roll. Then you add eggs, and cheese around the center and roll the ends up, like this:
Now, just pop it in the oven, and wait for it to get golden brown!
Tah Dah!!! Its a little messy but oh so scrumptious!
The only thing I would change about the reciepe is, instead of laying out bacon strips, I would crumble the bacon and add it to the egg and cheese mixture.
And FINALLY, I am back in the game, and have gotten my Christmas Pintrest meal put up!!!
Are you following me on Pintrest?

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eef said...

my jaw literally dropped at this. omg i want to eat it now!

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