March 14, 2012

Angel Girl.

February 21st my MIL came home with a dog. A driver at my husbands work found this dog wandering around in town, and being the kind heart that he is, he picker her up, and brought her back to the plant. My MIL saw how sick she was, and she brought her home. We gave her a bath, because she was so dirty, and matted, and just looked unclean. We found that she had scabs on her belly, she appeared to be blind in one eye, she didn't do anything but lay there. Surely this dog was on its last legs. She wouldn't eat or drink anything, and when we let her out to see if she had to go potty, her legs were so weak they gave out on her.
We took her to the vet, so we could figure out what exactly was wrong with this poor girl. (fully realizing we were probably going to have to put her down) She just laid there as the Dr. examined her. We found out that she had an ulcerated eye, in which she was blind. Those scabs we saw on her tummy, were actually stitches from being spayed that never got removed. (The Dr. said they could have been in there for months.) But the biggest shocker of all, was that this old and dying dog we came upon, was actually not very old at all! We cant know for sure, but the best guess the vet gave us from looking at her teeth was that she was between 3 and 5.
None of us were very hopeful for a recovery, but my MIL and I decided it was worth a shot. The vet wanted to do blood work, so we let her stay, and have the tests run. Blood work showed that she had a few different kinds of liver things (so technical, I know) going on. He asked if we would like to give her an iv of antibiotics to see if that could help her out. Of course we did. How could we not try to give this sweet little girl a chance at life.
That night, I cried, a lot. I don't understand how people can just neglect their responsibilities. You knew when you got a puppy that it would be work. Lets be honest, we all know that pets are work and money. Hubby tried to console me, and tell me that she would be ok, and either way, she was in a better place. I couldn't stand the thought of losing her, especially now, after I got to love on her, but I was trying to prepare myself for the call the next day, saying that she wasn't any better, and we would have to put her down.
The next morning, we got the call.
She had made a miraculous improvement. She was eating on her own, and she was even barking at the gate when the vet left her! We could come pick her up later that afternoon, and bring her home! We still werent sure if she was going to make it, but she could come home and be loved on! I begged Hubby to let me keep her. It wasn't until the second day, he caved.
We are the proud family of a little shih tzu girl! (Hubby is more in love with her than any of us, and he will try to say different, but when he thinks no one is looking, he loves on her!) We agonized over a name, but in the end, Angel is the most fitting thing we could think of. And she sure is our little Angel! The boys love her, I love her, Hubby loves her.
And she loves us.


Simply.Lovely.Things said...

I'm so glad to see a happy ending here!!! Helping out a fur baby in need is not only good for the baby but for the soul. She's cute a button! <3

dianapantz said...

what a great story.
our family dog just passed away last week & knowing you saved this little dog makes my heart a little less heavy!

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