March 12, 2012

PB Cookie Sandwiches

My littlest sister was having her basketball team over for dinner at my moms house. My mom calls me in a panic about desert. So I whipped up something of the top of my head, and called it good! This is the birth of Peanut butter cookie sandwiches. (At least in my house!) I usually like to make things from scratch, but when you have 2 little boys and a limited amount of time, Easy is the word around here! So I grabbed a bag of peanut butter cookie mix, and made the cookies (Per instructions on the pouch.) While they were baking, I grabbed 2 boxes of Butterscotch instant pudding and whipped that up, and put it in the fridge. After the cookies came out, I put them on the cooling rack for a while, and counted them to make sure I had an even number of cookies. (Yes, it would be my luck to have 29 cookies, when trying to make sandwiches, at which point someone would have the club sandwich of sandwich cookies)
After my cookies had cooled, and my pudding had chilled, I began to make the Sandwich!
Super, Super easy. Flipped a cookie upside down, and took a tablespoon full of pudding and smoothed it out on the cookie. Then, I picked out its cookie twin for the top. (I like symmetrical)
Tah dah, The  PB cookie sandwich.
I am really excited to try this with other cookie pouches, and puddings. Like maybe brownie cookies with Oreo Cream pudding? Or PB cookies with Banana pudding. There are so many different possibilities. If you make them, come back here and let me know how the turned out!!

1 comment:

Justine @ Urban Scarlet said...

that looks so amazing! mmmm pb sandwiches, don't mind if i do :)

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