September 12, 2012

Back to school Giveaway!

With school totally back in session for most of our kiddos now, I thought it was time for a fun little giveaway!
Brax is in preschool, M W F 8:45 to 11:15, so I am trying to run errands with Bo during those times. I have to have snacks handy, because there is no guarantee that Bo will have eaten breakfast by the time we take Brax to school. I just learned about the most awesome thing ever.... Shelf Safe Milk! {Seriously rad, for a family of dairy lovers}
I try to always have snacks handy, but that doesnt mean that I havent driven through the coffee stand just to get milk for my boys! This is seriously some exciting news for me.


After taking the quiz on my own, here is how our family ranked:

You are:
Your family is kept organized with the help of
a little friend we call technology. You’re always up to date with the latest time management apps that keep your family on schedule. Whether you’re Yelping a new place to grub or bidding on a hotel using Priceline... Apps, widgets, and wifi are your best friends. You’re always crunched for time but you and your kids love living the fast paced lifestyle. Fun is on your itinerary, and you’re looking to check it off!
So now for the fun part! I have a 4 pack to giveaway, for your snacks-on-the-go stash!

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