September 21, 2012

Sending Kids Back to School Healthy!

Ok, so we all know that when you walk into the classroom, its germ central. I am by no means a germophobe, but I really dont want to catch anything at preschool. There is always that kiddo that you look at and know, shouldnt be in school. Mom probably had all she could take, and needed to shower. (Isnt that what all of us moms do when our kids are at school?) But seriously, Moms (and Dads, too) lets try not to spread the same cold around the classroom for the next 9 months.
I am kind of on a rant, but really, there are sooo many simple things we can do to keep our kids healthy! First and Foremost: give your kids plenty of water! Yes, water. Not apple juice, not milk, not soda (yuck!) WATER. My cute boys ask for juice most of the time, so I might pour a splash in there, and add water. But my most favorite trick of all is to put water in a colored cup, so they cant tell its just plain old water, until they drink it! (Sneaky, sneaky!) Another fantastic idea is getting one of those water dispenser things. Nicolet Natural Artesian Water is one of those brands where you buy the big jugs that you can use to fill up your green water bottles. With the number of water bottles I go through, that might be cheaper!
Another thing you can do to keep your kids from passing their green nose around... dont feed them junk all the time. Your kids are hungry? Give them an apple to munch on, not a snickers bar. Lets be honest, yes, its much easier to unwrap something and hand it to your kiddo. But take the 3 minutes to walk your butt to the kitchen, and cut the apple up. America will thank you in the long run.
I am pretty lax as far as my kids washing their hands at home, but when we are out in public, Im the Nazi. I always carry hand sanitizer, and wet naps. Of course the good ol' fashion soap and water is the best, its not always the easiest. I love that at B's preschool they have an over abundance of sanitizer. I leave my "helper" days with dry hands, from over use of sanitizer. 
Lastly, if your adorable little child has a green and disgusting nose, a cough that hurts you to hear, or so much gunk coming out of their eyes that they can barely see, KEEP YOUR KIDS HOME!
As you can tell, school is fully back in at our house and we have the stuffy nose going 'round and round. I am soooo excited for flu season! ;)

*This is a sponsored post for Nicolet Natural Artesian Water, however,
all the points and views are my own.

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