October 13, 2012

Back To School For Hubs {a story on how mama deals!}

Three weeks ago, the Hubs started going to school again. On top of his full time job,he is now in school Tuesday and Thursday nights, along with every other Saturday, ALL DAY. Talk about putting a kink in our family dynamics. My kiddos are so super sweet, but they are rough. So by the end of the day, Daddy comes home from work, and I get to escape to the grocery store, fabric store, dinner, or whatever for a little break. Not so much anymore. On school days, Hubs gets home and his schedule is a little like this:
Say "hi" to the fam
Take 5 minutes deciding on dinner (if I haven't already made his decision for him)
Say "good night" to the fam
Go to school
There is very little room for a break for mama in there. But I know deep down, school is only for 8 months. I can deal for 8 months right? {haha maybe...} But with Hubs back in school, it makes me miss the days of new notebooks, lectures, and classes. If I were going to go back to school, it would be a DU masters in business administration. I would love to get a business degree. It would be so useful in so many areas of life. Seriously, being a stay at home mom with a business degree... totally rad right? I would have the most beautifully organized expense charts, and money trackers. It would be pretty fun.
I am quite sure, until Hubs finishes school {oh, did I mention its to become a Sheriff???} I am just plain, not degree holding, crazed and dazed, and walking zombieish Mama. Some day I may go back to school, but for now, I am the wife of a man who works full time, goes to school part time, and is getting ready to have a career where he lays his life down everyday to make my little town safer for our babies. {major stud factor}
The super long days are hard. I am slowly learning to adjust to less "me" time, and more "mom" time. {Amen to all you single mamas out there, you all are incredible} I hope that once I get used to being alone more, I will start to craft more, and netflix and cheap wine will stop holding me hostage! Because, lets be honest, 4 hours alone after the kids go to bed... that's the perfect time to kick your feet up, catch up {and fall in love with} new shows, and have a pretty glass of wine.
Cheers to a wonderful Saturday, a day with my Hubs and the kiddos!

{This is a sponsored post for the University of Denver, however, all the
points and views are my own.}

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