October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Time!

This year I jumped on the painted pumpkin bandwagon. Call me lazy, I see it as a chance for my babies' inner Picasso's to come out. Plus with Hubs new crazy schedule, Id have to plan waaaay to far in advance to fit in carving.
I taped paper to the kitchen table, and set up a bunch of different pants and brushes. Viola, painting pumpkin time!
(Dont mind the pile of sewing machine and stuff in the corner of my dining room! haha!)
I also had a pack of foam pumpkins I picked up at Michael's last year for like a dime. So we all painted those up too. (I did something cute with them... post on that later on!)
 They concentrated so hard, and had so much fun. Did I mention I also put out 4 containers of glitter (Yup, my boys use glitter!) and I think most of it ended up on the floor. I guess thats a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of keeping it easy!

Pay no mind to the fact my kids are in unders, and Boden has paint all over his mouth. He was licking it off his fingers!!!


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