October 2, 2012

School, School and More School!

I have a little school depression going on in this house. September rolls around, and I knew Brax would be heading back to school. Easy Peasy. Three days a week, 3 hours a day. Errand running time.
Mid summer, we realized there was a chance that Hubs would be starting school in the fall also. That was never really talked about, we just knew it was all part of the package. (More on the "package" later)
Then the mini-bombshell. Boden would be in school Mondays also. You see, Boden turned 2 in July. At his 2 year appt. I expressed my concerns, as he didn't talk very much. (We're talking 20 words max) Apparently I had expressed my concerns at his 18m appt also, which of course I cant remember 6 months ago! So, the Dr. said that we should get him an evaluation. Then, she said the word that up turned my family for 2 months. Autism. Its funny, how one little word can make your head turn to mush, and turn a totally together family, all wonky.
Bo has some issues, which clearly are effecting his daily life, but really? Hes 2. No big deal right. So he doesn't talk, so he likes to line up his cars, and cans of soup. So what if he likes to be kind of repetitious. So what if he gets frustrated because he cant talk,and bangs his head, hits me, bites me, and tries to choke me out. So what right? Im the mom, I can fix it. By the way, hes 2. Isn't some of this normal?
I am certain that Boden understood everything that was going on in our family, after that doctors appointment. About 2 weeks later, he was using more words. He started repeating everything, and basically became my little parrot. I still was stressed out. What did I do wrong if they think my baby boy has Autism. My oldest is fine, in fact, he is so highly intelligent that I don't know what to do with him. (he is reading chapter books, and adding double digits at 4... Yeah, mommy brag moment) So, is Bo behind because I didn't have all the solo time with him that I did with Brax? Did I not read to him enough, did he learn about bad habits from watching Brother go through the "terrible Threes"? Because you know, as a mom, this is all my fault. It must be.
Well, after 2 evaluations, a failed attempt at a hearing test, and a parents meeting with the therapists, we came to the conclusion that Bo is behind in his social skills, and his communication skills. (Duh. Thanks for the heads up, guys??) Instead of going the route of speech and occupational therapies, they offered us a small "class" option. Mondays from 11- 12:45 Boden goes to "school" with 3 other little ones who are also behind. They have gross motor time, circle time, activity time, One on One time (there are 3 teachers in the classroom at all times) and the most important to Bo, outside time. He has started talking and expressing his needs with great improvement before school started last week, but even after only 2 classes, I can see a difference. There hasn't really been any further mention of the "A" word, but it is only a stigma if you make it one. My little guy is happy and healthy, and Autistic or not, I love the snot out of my little red headed monster.
So you can see that there is a lot of schooling going on in this household. My blog posts should begin to regulate as Hubs is gone 2 nights a week now. As long as I can get my boys to bed, its mommy time!!!

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