November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Giveaway!

Today I hit 26. I am no longer in the 18-25 category, and its very surreal. I dont know where the time went, and when I hit 26. I am trying to embrace it. Its still hard! SO.... because of my step up in the age world, I am offering a fun giveaway! I am very excited for the wonderful women that sponsored this giveaway!

Since I love presents, I am giving away a pair of Adorabows from Just Lovely Things. I have them in hot pink, and I looooove them! :)
Also, I have a new obsession with the magazine Mollie Makes!

Hello! My name is Charley and I write Cooke's Frontier. Let's start off by answering the biggest question that I get, why the name Cooke's Frontier? I chose that name because starting a blog and sharing my life, recipes and crafts with the world was a whole new experience for me. I was going where I have never been before, but I was excited to do it and prove to myself that I could. This blog is about our life and all that it brings us. It's an honest blog, it won't always be pretty or happy but it will be real. I'm honest and I honestly love doing this.
Charley is giving away a vanilla scented lotion stick! Seriously, I always have mine on hand. Its definately love with me and my lotion!!

Amanda Carlisle Design Button
Amanda Carlisle Design has literally been years in the making. I graduated in 2008 with a degree in graphic design and like a lot of college graduates, haven't done anything with that degree. That is, until now. Once I found out I was pregnant with my son, it really hit me with just how much I would love to be home with him & as luck would have it, I had a degree under my belt that could allow me to do just that.
Amanda is offering up a personalized blog design! Check out her portfolio, this girl has skills! :)
You have a week to enter this giveaway! (which happens to be ending on my bff's birthday!) Go and show these girls lots of love for being so awesome!
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Karen said...

I think my 29th was my best! I was engaged and planning my wedding

Donna said...

I think it is a tie between my 30th where we spent the whole day celebrating and my 33rd and I had just had a baby and spent a quiet weekend at home.

Ashley Lombardo said...

My 22nd birthday was my favorite! I spent time with family, my husband, went shopping, and got to ride horses with friends. :)

Unknown said...

My 20th was probably the best; I got a deliciously made dinner from my (now fiance)'s family, and it was the first time I was able to join in their birthday dinner tradition.

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