January 30, 2013

Mommy Brain

Apparently this forgetfulness lasts long after pregnancy. Or maybe never goes away. (Ill let you guys know if I ever find that memory I used to have.) This morning I was feeding B breakfast and getting him dressed for school. Normal. Three day a week routine. As we drive along, and get almost to school, I remember that today is in fact pajama day, and school starts an hour later. Oh yeah, and I need fully precook end sausage. Ummmm, really?
So turn around, undress him, put his Niners PJs on, finish getting myself presentable, then head to the grocery store. B is horribly picky. So we have this whole conversation about how he doesn't want to bring sausage because he doesn't even like sausage. Guess what buddy, mommy needed to contribute, and that's where she wrote her name. Don't eat the ssauage. Problem solved. I proceeded to buy myself an Odwalla juice, and B lectures me about how that's not enough for the whole class. Apparently the sausage convo 2 minutes ago was lost on him.
We finally get to school, and I don't even get an " I love you" from the little man. Thank you. I just ran around crazed, and no goodbye. Ahhhhh!
Are there any cures for this mommy brain stuff, obviously other than sleep, because I am trying to be realistic here folks. ;)

Please indulge in your mommy brain stories here, so perhaps we can all have some chuckles!

1 comment:

erica[goodjobmomma] said...

i hear that good fats are good for the brain. avacados maybe?? but honestly if you find something that works please pass on your knowledge. i have no brains left what-so-ever and i'm worried for my children after this next one if born next month. heaven help us mothers!

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