January 15, 2013



This word is dirty in my house. I have always had the vision of having my family, all around the table enjoying a meal together.
I cook two dinners, I admit it. I have made one very picky child. (I wonder if that's hereditary, I am picky.) He is getting so much better with every day. He tries new foods, at least one meal a day. I attempt to make things for the hubs and I, that our 2 year old should have no problem eating. Usually, I am successful. He eats great. There aren't many foods that he doesn't like.
Then there's brax. He eats like me. Not much. The things he does eat though are great. He loves his fruits and veggies. I think one of the only veggies he doesn't like is over cooked asparagus. (Who can blame him) He loves, loves, loves broccoli and bell pepper. But, try to get that child to eat a bite of chicken that isn't nugget shaped, and I might as well be speaking Japanese. He tries them, but never likes them. And his gag reflex is amazing. He doesn't even have to put it in his mouth and he is gagging.
So the food is rough.
Sitting at the table, my kids do great for the first 10 minutes, but after that, they are humming, dancing, throwing food and silverware, knocking over drinks, and seeing who can “cheers” the most times. One starts laughing, then the other, and its a chain effect.
We have nice conversation about our favorite part of the day, and it makes us all thankful for the things we have. Then BAM chaos... (What was I thankful for again??) I know as they get older this will get easier, but oh my guacamole dinner time is rough.
Any great tips for dinner conversation other than, how was your day, and what are you thankful for?

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