March 8, 2013

Green Cleaning

I have been thinking about going all green with my household cleaners for some time now. I have all of the ingredients to make my own laundry soap, and I've actually made my own dish detergent. Here's my deal, yeah, I made it at home, but when I have to add drops of dawn dish soap, how "green" is that? I added Kool-Aid to my dish detergent. Doesn't seem so green. 
I have been looking up green cleaners on Pinterest and google, and I found Soap nuts... Really? These things look so dang cool. You put them in a bag in your washer with the rest of your clothes, and tah dah, clean clothes. 
Who knew cleaning products were so exciting? ;) I just think throwing nuts in my machine sounds like more fun than pouring liquid. However, since I have purchase all the stuff to make said detergent, I am going to make it this weekend. There are so many variations on Pinterest but it seems to boil down to borax, washing soda and fels-naphtha. Hubs brought me home a 5 gallon bucket from work. Sweet right. He left out that it was used to hold oil... Not exactly what I want to make my laundry soap in. I feel like ill be heading to Freddie's for a clean one. In any case, I'm hoping this turns out good. 
Another one I planned on trying was fabric softener, but it called for scented suave... Definitely not very green. More like cheap. No thanks, I wouldn't use that in my hair, so I don't want to use it to soften my kids clothes! I feel like some of these recipes of so called "green" cleaning are really just a cheap way to make it yourself. 
I like to buy the Seventh Generation products from my Fred Meyers. Especially when I can find them on sale for like 40% off. That to me, is green cleaning for a steal. Are there any legit green cleaning recipes you guys have to pass on? Have you tried any that were a colossal waste of precious time and money? 

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