March 4, 2013

Kiddo Down!

Last night we had attempted family movie night. We rented Ice Age Continental Drift. All got pjs on, and turned the lights down, snuggled on the couch. For about 15 minutes it was a picture of perfection. And quiet! Then Bo decided he had enough with Ice Age and went and played on the computer. (Which was quite amazing actually, but that's another story) Then... The deep, phlegm cough cuddled up with Brax. :( He drank his warm juice, and tried his best to stifle his coughing fits. 
We finished up the movie, and Brax and I went into the bathroom for a steam sesh. He thought he was so cool because I brought in the Sunday comics, and let him read them while sitting on the back of the toilet. It worked while we were in there. As we came out, so did the cough. Some Zarbees night time cough knocked little dude right out, and he got to get a good, cough less, night sleep. 
This morning the fits are back. We steamed again, and we've still got the cough. 
I'm slightly paranoid because I just read that there are 4 cases of whooping cough in our little town. Luckily none of them are Brax's age,but still. So far today, warm juice, Vicks on the kiddos chest and feet, and cough meds are keeping life calm. But as the day progresses, I've got eagle eye on the kid. 
It's sad when the monsters get sick. Brax told me that he was sad because he would never be able to go to school again. And he was seriously concerned.  I reassured him that school will still be there in a couple days (and the rest of his life) and that he wasn't going to miss much. Thank goodness for the dollar store workbooks. I've got those babies stocked up for years! So he feels like he gets special school on sick days. Plus I get to watch him do his work, and it's fun for me too. 
Do you guys have any go to recipes for getting the kids back to health in no time?  Or do you have special things the kids get to do when they are sick? 


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