March 8, 2013

My Lawn Mower. (And Other Outside Issues)

This is my backyard. It's little, and cute, and a pain in the butt to mow. I thought it'd be awesome to own a house, and get to decorate my lawn however I want. But... I suck at landscaping apparently. It would be so much easier to have one of those fancy lawn trucks come with their fancy commercial lawn mower and take care of my yard for me. However, I am not made of money. So, I need to get my butt in great, and read up on how to keep my grass green and my plants alive. 
Pinterest gives me all this beautiful inspiration to fill my head withConcrete Walkway Small Backyard Landscaping Design
I love all of the beautiful flowers, and I spend a dumb amount of money on them every year, and every year, they die. I try to read up about what kind of sunlight they need, and the type of soil they thrive in, but eventually, I just want them in the ground to show off all their color. So I plant them. Ad they die. Every. Year.
This year, I've got a plan. I am going to take pictures of my planter areas and spend one day watching the sun pattern,  and take  that to my local nursery, and ask what stays alive!  Also, I'm going to buy a real lawn mower. I currently own a old school push know, 1950's dad out in his khakis and polo mowing... That's me, minus the man part, and the clothes. I mow nude. I kid, I kid, I mow in shorts, because it takes me hours to mow my tiny square of grass. I've even had a neighbor offer to help.  But I did it. Once. And I'm done with it,unless its for decor purposes. 
I just want a simple, pull to start and tah dah lawn mower. Then I can have a pretty lawn. Then I'll advance to a whole yard of prettiness once I get plants that stay alive. 
Bring it on Spring, I'm going to own my yard this year!

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Geraldine Stanley said...
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Geraldine Stanley said...

Taking care of your plants and lawn isn’t easy. As for lawn, it needs regular mowing, fertilizing and weeding. You have to understand which part of your lawn has grass that grows fast, so you could mow it frequently, particularly if you see that it already grew at least one-third or one-half inch taller.
-Springfield Lawn Barber

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