March 11, 2013

War Against Electronics

I have a confession, electronics keep my kids occupied so that I can get something done in my house. My 2.5 year old can get around any phone, and website, or tablet with ease. He has his own log in on the computer, so that way, he doesn't mess anything up on my page.  
However, my kids don't drone out all day, they do play, and interact, but not as much as they probably should. I entertained them completely for waayyyy too long as infants. Now, I'm paying the price. All day. Every day. 
So Friday, I had a full basket of clean clothes, all folded and sorted, and ready to just be put in the drawers. (Never mind the fact they weren't put away yet.) Brax jumped right through them to get to my phone, which was on Bodens hands. Clean clothes, everywhere. I basically lost my mind. Then my phone rings, and hubs asks for lunch. I am hysterically crying at this point. So he stops by the house, and helps me unplug everything with a screen, and things with batteries got put up on top of the fridge. My kids had a crazy insane meltdown. Brax ended up in his room, screaming. Boden however, got an action figure and pulled the info part out of a DVD and made a tent. I was crying, and hubs, who wanted lunch, probably wished he would have made his own that morning. 
Today is Monday, and there was only one show this morning while we were getting ready, there has been no computer, their tablets are still on top of the fridge, and my cell phone is no longer a damn toy. I am on a mission to make electronics rewards again. I know that by the time my kids are in middle school, tablets will replace books, but for now, I need to have the power. I am thinking up an awesome chart design to earn electronic time. 
How do you guys limit time, or use? I need all the tips I can get. 

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