March 18, 2013

One Week Down [Battle of Electronics Update]

With the kids off electronics, I'm off electronics a majority of the time also. It's been nice. A little break from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. [ive been on Pinterest a lot though. We are beautifying the backyard!] The kids took things hard the first few days, but it's become easier. Now they are fighting over toys,instead of computer space. There's more hitting, but there's more interaction. I think I'm winning. 
The weather has been so nice. We've been outside, and playing, and working in the yard. It's a trick though, a storm is coming on in this evening apparently. No one asked me how I felt. Now it'll be back to the rain, stuck inside, and trying to keep the electronics hidden. 
I covered our dining room table in paper, and left the markers and crayons out last week, so now I need to top that. Maybe I'll leave the play doh and cookie cutters out this week. I need a good activity that isn't too horribly messy, so that w can still eat on our table for meals. Hmmm, Pinterest I'm coming for you! 
Back to the electronics though, daddy got ratted out. Brax asked me, "why can't you let us do what Daddy does." We'll kid, because daddy says stop, and you guys stop. I say stop, and you guys still scream and fight, and yell and act like banshees. That's why. So Daddy has been allowing secret electronic time. Well, I let Brax play a little computer when Bo is sleeping. But that's it. He earns it though. We've finished TWO George Brown and the super burp books. At 5, I'm pretty stoked. He's a reader. Gooooo me! 
I still haven't figured out quite what kind of chart I'm going to make, and how these electronics will be used as rewards, but it's sure working nice just not having them. The kids are using their imaginations, and playing together. That's what this whole thing is about. Sure, I have fold laundry on my couch, and dishes in my sink from stopping mid chore to break up fights, or issue timeouts, but it's worth it. 

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