September 13, 2011

BIG steps for my LITTLE man!

Today was a tough day... not for Braxton, but for me. It was his first full day of preschool. We walked to school this morning, and he wasnt sure he wanted to stay. However, when I went to pick him up, he didnt want to leave, and proceeded to throw a HUGE fit! At least I know he loves school.

This morning was new for me. After our walk, I came home, Boden ate breakfast, and then napped. I got to start working right away on listing new pretties in the shop![ ] It is exciting to start this new venture!! After we picked up Brax, we took Nick lunch, and came home and had our own lunch. (well, I did. My boys didnt feel like eating today!)
After baths this evening, my boys were full of it!
My Braxton angel loves to read his "magazines" and then asks a million questions. My favorite tonight was "why does Donald Duck has his hands on his face.... I think its because he is thinking!" (I never really get to answer his questions)
Boden was dancing around the kitchen singing! I love seeing him in Braxtons old jammies. It is wierd though, to think that I have two beautiful boys, and they have shared clothes! Sometimes I feel like yesterday I was graduating high school. It is so true how they say the older you are the faster time goes!

Time for some quality snuggle time with my hubby and some ice cream! Yum yum yum!!! :)

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