September 25, 2011


Between all of my busyness, I have started canning. I am a little behind this year, and I have been longing to do it! Hubbys coworker brought in a box of apples for us, so, after having them on my kitchen counter for 4 days, I made a few quarts of applesauce.

Then, I found a pretty good deal on strawberries at Albertsons, so I impulsively bought them, not having a clue what to do... TAH DAH! Strawberry jam!!!

THEN... I found a recipe for corn salsa, and Hubby helped me finish that up this afternoon while I was emailing and creating.It smells so good, this might be my favorite new thing! (Ill let you know how it tastes when we use it! Im thinking it would be great on chicken tacos!)

This week my MIL and I are going to attempt to get some tomatoes done. We use them so much, between salsa, spaghetti sauce and stews that we need ALOT. Our friends grandparents have a farm down the street a little ways, so we will go buy out there! Yum!!! It makes me feel good to see the food that I have prepared in the pantry, and to be able to share it with our family!

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erica[goodjobmomma] said...

oh my awesome! i've always wanted to venture the whole canning thing, but i haven't found the dedication just yet. maybe i'll pick it up when it get a cooler here. :] thanks for joining my club.

and its good to see that i'm not the only one that falls asleep on the couch. :]

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