September 16, 2011


Today my little sister turns 21.
This does two things for me.. 1) makes me feel reallllly old (and i am only 4 years older than she is!) and 2) makes me reflect on where I was on my 21st birthday.
Heres my story:
On my 21st birthday I was 8 months pregnant with little Braxton Lucas (who at that time might have been a Noah Thomas). For my birthday Braxtons dad and I went for a weekend, to Monterey. I looooooooove Monterey. We went to the aquarium, walked around down town, walked on the beach, and went to a comedy show. It was the best 21st birthday a mama to be could have had. 
I think about where I was, and look at where my sister is. It is incredible what becoming a mother does to you. (Not in a bad way, I love the "older" me.) I thank God everyday He gave me the strength and courage to become a young mom, and I am praying all day long for paitence. But in the end, I wouldnt have it any other way.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, and sweet sister, Courtney. I love you Babe!

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