December 15, 2011

Real Life... {Pintrest} Week:One

So, after my failed attempt at Waffle Brownies, I was a little discouraged. But, not enough to give up!!!
This week for dinner I made Crock Pot Lasagna!!! It looks so good in the picture, and a meal in the crock pot... what a cinch! (yup, I really just said "cinch") 
Even though it looks really easy, could it possibly be??? 
Oh yes. It is THAT easy!
Brown your meat. (We use ground turkey in our house, but you can use beef, or chicken or whatever suits your fancy!)
This was probably the hardest part. I have a very big "issue" with touching raw meat. It grosses me out, and gives me the heeby jeebys. 
Hey look, non cooked noodles! (I told you this was easy!)

A few layers of dry noodles and a mix of cottage cheese and mozzarella, then a final layer of turkey.
Right before I was ready to serve it, I threw some cheese on top, and let me tell you, when I opened the lid, it smelled amazing. :)

It also tasted amazing. I got a big thumbs up from Hubby for cooking something delish all on my own!!
I would use a little more cheese next time, but other than that, this is one "pin" that is here to stay!



erica[goodjobmomma] said...

yum!! that looks delicious! i'll have to make that on sunday. thats my lazy day of cooking. this would be perfect!

Nay said...

now I need a crockpot to make that! yum...
ps: lovin' your header:)

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