December 7, 2011


So a few weeks ago, I had a man ask me if I got bored being a stay at home mom. {wait, what?}
 I took a moment to collect my thoughts before answering. How on earth could I ever possibly get bored? It is not like I sit around all day in fuzzy slippers and watch soap operas, {although my MIL does record General Hospital for me, so when I go to her house I can indulge}
I spend my days 
constantly picking up Bo from falling down,
giving out cuddles and kisses to boo-boos,
wiping butts and buggers,
resolving fights,
doing laundry,
giving baths, 
working on school skills with Brax,
reading books to both kiddos,
paying bills,
going grocery shopping,
trying to make time during naps to run on the elliptical,
squeezing in time to write on here,
update the Shop,
cut coupons {Yup, it takes some time to organize that disaster!}
if I'm lucky I get to shower. 
So I thought, as all these things were running through my head and my kids were trying to jump out of the grocery cart, about the answer I would give, this very sweet, and very clueless man. "I wouldn't say I get bored, I would say it's very challenging." He smiled and apparently that was a good enough answer. 
Oh to be a man, just for a day! ;)


erica[goodjobmomma] said...

a friend of mine the other day asked. "so what do you do all day? i would love to stay home all day."

i just laughed! i told her that she doesn't mean that, and that i do a ton of things all day. Why do stay at home mom's get a rep for being lazy or something? we are so not that.

i agree it is very challenging.

Amy said...

Very true! Great post. And a great answer...I will definitely be using that next time I get asked that question. :)

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