December 8, 2011

Pintrest Adventure!

I am in love with pintrest, (who isnt right?) So while I was pinning, I found something yummy that Brax and I could do together. 5 Minute Waffle Browies! 5 minutes, for brownies, in my waffle maker??? Score! 
So, we make the batter (totally from a box, thanks BC) 
Got the Waffle Maker Preped!
Insert boxed Brownie Batter
Now, this is where it gets tricky... According to the pin, it says, Heat the iron to the lowest setting, and 5 minutes, Tahdah... Here is what I got 5 minutes in...
A Big Gooey Mess. 

So I adjusted my setting to medium, and tried again. Again... FAIL. A little better, but it would have been more like a 20 minute brownie. Finally, I turned it all the way up, and 
 I GOT ONE! (dont mind that it was crunchy, and totally inedible) 

So I have a bag full of brownie crumbles... and lets pretend that some of them went with my granola and yogurt this morning... I would say, It would be delicious, fail and all!

1 comment:

erica[goodjobmomma] said...

next time you should take the crumbs and put a little bit of chocolate frosting and make them into cake pops or something. easy peasy! haha, but i still would have eaten the crunchy brownie anyway. a brownie is a brownie. :)

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