April 24, 2012

My Fawn And Flora!

I have a HUGE love for *Fawn & Flora*. So when I saw these cute little wooden push pins, I bought them. (I had no purpose for them at the time!) Then, I got a bunch of vintage buttons from my Great Grandma. As I was going through them, and cleaning them up and IT HIT ME! I am going to glue the buttons on, and tah dah! Cute push pins!

Here are my push pins! Order Them *Here*

 My Mix of Vintage Buttons and some pretty colorful ones from Joanns!

 My Handy-Dandy Glue Gun!

All I did at this point, was put a little bit of glue on the head of the push pin, and put the button on. Once the glue dried, if there was an that poked through the button holes, I picked it off with my fingernail! (Technical right??)

Here are my pretty push pins! I am going to use them for my inspiration board, once my craft room is finished! I cant wait to use them!!

Its spring, and I am going to start fixing things up around this place, and making pretty decorations! Stay tuned for some fun tutorials!!

I am linking up over here with Nichelle!

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