April 2, 2012

Sunday Slacker?? How about March Slacker! :)

I have a tremendously hard time balancing life. As a mommy and a wife, I tend to make sure that everyone else is taken care of, and if there is a smidge of time in there somewhere, I take it. The reality is though, there is always something that I should be doing. (yes, right now I should be doing laundry, and dishes. The boys are playing together for the moment, so I am squeezing out a post!) I feel guilty taking "me" time. I know, I know. I need it. Hubby tells me, friends tell me, my parents tell me, and other bloggers are always talking about what they do for themselves. I just haven't figured out how to get over that Guilt hump. (OK, I might be like a 12 year old boy, but that reminds me of something I would say after I've used the "headache" excuse for 4 days in a row! tehehe!)
I always wonder, how do "those" moms do it. We all know them, the ones with perfectly groomed children, who look smokin' hot, the ones whose house is immaculate at any point in the day, who take them for themselves. How? Someday, (hopefully soon) I will learn this balance. I will continue to try, and make myself a priority. But until then, I will probably be a hot mess if you see me out, my kids might have chocolate donut on their face, and my house definitely is NOT spotless. (oh, and I am sure there is 7 loads of laundry that at any given time, need to be done!)
No kiddo, There is NOTHING on your face! ;)

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erica[goodjobmomma] said...

oh girl do i know it! it's taken me forever to finally get myself together, find any balance that will work. i still fall apart, all the time too though. i just keep reminding myself i'm not being selfish, i'm taking care of myself, going out more, spending more time on me, to make myself happier, and then my family will be happier too.

it's a lot of live and learn, hahaha. which stinks of course, but fun at the same time. :)

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