April 3, 2012

Tuesday Beauty Link Up! :)

This week, over at {just.lovely.things}, Heather is talking about facial care. This is a biggie. I can slack on a lot of things, but taking care of my face is an absolute must. I used Proactiv for a while, but usually it dries my face out, really quick. Sometimes, I use bar soap if I'm in a pinch. BUT, my go to soap is Organix Ever Ageless Cherry Blossom Cleanser and Toner.
The one thing I really like about the cleanser, is that it isn't super foamy. My face feels silky clean, without the tightness feeling. I wash with a sponge, too. It was kind of an odd concept at first, kinda seemed like a dish sponge on my face, but, it cleans so well! MUCH better than the normal wash cloth.
The Cherry Blossom toner doesn't sting. {another feeling I hate!} I feel my face, super smooth, and refreshed. The smell is amazing. Its fresh and feminine.
When I need a good exfoliant, I use this sulfuric acid mask from ilike. I got it at a salon in Ashland, after an amazing facial. It feels so clean, and your skin totally glows afterwards.
Last but not least on my go to list, is an acne pen from Yes to Tomatoes.
Its a little roller ball, and you just rub it on your zit. It calms the redness a bit (unless of course, like me, you pick at it until its open, then rub it on... not so much!)
So there you have it. My go to beauty supplies that keep my face healthy. I am one to try anything once, What is your favorite face routine??
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{just.lovely.things} said...

yay thanks for linking up! um on a sidenote your lights reflecting on your counter top remind me of xmas and just made me happy haha

Lauren Bird said...

Thanks for linking up to the party! I like the concept of the sponge on the face. I will have to check that out. I am now a new follower of your blog.

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