May 31, 2012

Anniversary (#1)

Today, back in 2009 I married my wonderful husband. That makes today our 3 year wedding anniversary right? Wrong. We had 2 weddings that summer, and today's anniversary is merely in the eyes of the court. (sounds harsh, theres a good story, I promise)
May 20th, 2009, (2 weeks before our wedding) Hubby gets a really bad headache. He cant shake it, and the next day, it hasn't gone away. I make him a dentist appointment, (his jaw hurt also) thinking that maybe he needed a root canal or something. The dentist says he has great teeth, and that his mouth is not the source of the headache. Still not gone, but now his back hurts also. Being the good fiance that I am, (toot,toot!) I make him an emergency massage appointment, and get him in a few hours later. The massage therapist wasn't fantastic, and he still had a head/back ache.
Flash forward to the next day. Hubby goes to the hospital. He is one of the strongest guys I know, so for him to be so sick, and in so much pain, I knew there was something seriously wrong.
We get a room in E.R. They proceed to do some blood tests, but he is so dehydrated that the only place (after 3 nurses) they could start it, was in his jugular. (not a pretty sight.)
They run their tests, and then decide he needs a spinal tap to see if its M.S. Now, when they tell me it could very well be MS, I cry. A lot.
Hubby doesn't want to get a spinal tap, and doped up on the pain meds, he gave me some pretty choice words about how he felt about it. (I don't hold them against him!) Finally, he tells me, its my choice, and if I want him to do it, he will. DUH!
Spinal tap comes back, no MS. At this point, everyone is truly baffled by whats going on with him, so they admit us. (Us is Hubs, Mil and I.) I called my mom, and asked her to keep B, because we really had no idea how long we were going to be there.
Hubs is on lots of meds, and doesn't remember the first 3 days in the hospital. A lot happened in this time, including the canceling of our bachelor/bachelorette parties. No big deal, we still had a week until the wedding.
They did cat scans and MRI's and found lesions in his brain and around his spine. Still no answers. At this point, Hubs is on steroids to treat an infection, because that is the best guess. MIL and I know that the "infection" is in his brain and spine, hubs just thinks its in his spine. He went into a severe depression, and we made the call to limit the information intake on his part.
End of day 3, we get one really mean Dr. who completely disregards our warnings, and tells Hubs, (with no bedside manner whatsoever... JERK) that if he doesn't show signs of improvement, they are going to fly him to Portland and biopsy his brain. (Remember, he didn't know there was anything wrong in his brain... JERK)
Finally, day 4, we get our prayers answered. Dr. Narus, the radiologist walks in. He looks at everything, and give this infection a name. ADEM. Its not very common, especially in older(ish) people. Mainly a childs thing. Good news is, steroids and antivirals will clear it up!
YAY. Now the bad news, Nick has to stay 2 more days, and Dr. says we need to cancel the wedding. :( Nick doesn't take this lightly at all. I tell him we'll just postpone until we know its all better.
Hubs is stubborn. Really stubborn. We get home, and he can talk about nothing but getting married, and I finally cave. I called the preacher back, and asked if he could do a very quick, very small ceremony, just so Hubs is happy.
On pain meds and steroids, and not at all what I imagined...

May 31,2009 I legally became Mrs. Boyers.
This is our very first picture together, (not as H&W) I dont have any of our first wedding.

*I will have the "real" anniversary post at a later date! :)*

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Amanda said...

And here I thought I was the only one who "got married twice to the same person"! :) Our reason is because mine was going into the military so we did a quick little thing to be legal for everything. I can definitely relate to it not being what you had imagined- I felt the same way with mine!
That's super scary that happened to your hubby!!

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