May 16, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Yesterday, while B was at school, I put together a new water table for the kiddos to play with. Bo and I went to Toys R Us last Friday, and used up the last of our Christmas gift cards. With the weather hitting in the 90's here, I figured the water table was a good buy. I like that its small, (our backyard is a glorified piece of grass) but still fun for the kiddos. I also couldn't resist these little lawn chairs. They are so cute, and even have cup holders!!

They weren't really playing too nicely together. Bo would throw the little squirty balls out, and B would have to go find them. Apparently he wasn't up for hide and seek!

Then Bo thought it would be awesome to dump tea cups full of water on B. This B could handle. He just laughed it off, and said "Oh, Boden!" LoL! My littles are so funny!

What have you been doing to keep the little ones cool?? I would love some more ideas for kids in a small backyard, if you have any, pass them on this way!!!

I'm linking up over *here* with The Paper Mama!

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