May 17, 2012

Awesome & Awkward Thrusday

So, I saved my awesomeness just for today, then couldn't find a link up... Oh well, you'll all get a good laugh out of this.

See, I am slightly addicted to Just Lovely Things. (aren't we all??) So when Heather announced that she was opening up the Love Club, I was ecstatic. (duh) Tuesday morning rolls around (which is also preschool day) and I give the kids breakfast a tad early, so that I can make sure I get in. I'm waiting and waiting, and Bo decides he is done eating. I get him out of the high chair and go back to the computer to wait. He comes and sits on my lap, which is totally normal. ITS TIME! I get all signed up after being slightly spastic with the form. Whew, I am in like flinn.... Then I go to get up from the computer...


Seeping diarrhea on my leg. This means that little man had a blow out, and now I have to chase him around the house so it doesn't get anywhere else.
Yes, I got diarrhea on my leg, while waiting so impatiently to get a spot in the Love Club. That right there, is some true love. (Not only for my J.L.T's but for Bo too!)

I know there are tons more awkward things that happened this week, (since they tend to outweigh the awesome) but I cant remember, and I certainly don't have pictures of them!

Whats your addiction? What about your awkwardness for the week??

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