May 11, 2012

Tea Time!

So, my girl *Nay* does a cute little coffee post every Friday! She always has some fun little insight, or motivation, and its just fun to read. It got me thinking though, if i could sit down with 4 of my favorite bloggers, who would they be.
This is where it all gets tricky. I am a total blog stalker, and I love them all for totally different reasons. I need that little motivational boost, I go to Ashley with The Shine Project. That woman is the picture of inspiration, and achieving your goals. If I need to get my craft on, and am looking for a starting point, I head over to Craft Gossip. I love all of the projects, and it helps so much with ideas. But with being in love with so many blogs, I have 4 trusty blogs I read without fail, and these are the women I would love to sit down to tea with!

She is my go to girl for all things green. I love how goal oriented she is, and I love that she shares it all with her readers. She is a huge giver-backer! (Made up words, fist pump!) She is just such a world conscious woman, and that is inspiring. I would love to sit down with her, and make a plan to "Green up" the world. (Trust me, if anyone could do it, shes the one!)

She makes me pretty. Yes, you heard me right! If you see me with some smokin' hot hair, its all her and her lovelies! But more than just making me pretty hair accessories (Like how I focus it all on me, like she does this just for me? :) ) she runs a blog, that she uses to share all of the business woman she is. I know that when I am in a little blah time with this crazy handmade world, I can go to her blog, read her stuff, jot down some notes, and tah dah. I'm winning. (No seriously, I have thought about printing out all of her business posts and making myself a little book.) If I could just jump inside of her head for an hour, Id be happy!

*Pidg*(errr or Andi)
This crazy busy mama of 6 (yeah, and i think 2 is bad!!!) is the funniest blogger friend ever. Anytime I see that she puts up a post, I brace myself, and make sure the house is empty. Empty house??? Why? Ill tell you why, because I am guaranteed to laugh until a) I wet my pants, or b) I am crying. Literally big alligator tears! I just want to sit down at her dinner table, with her family and play the Who's Hair game.

Her blog is my current obsession! I feel like she totally gets it. More than once, she has gotten into my brain, and posted exactly what I laid in bed the night before thinking of. I love how honest she is. She is a down to earth mama, who feels my pain about the highs and lows of being a SAHM. She is working her way through raising her babies, and just opened an etsy shop. Sometimes I swear she is my twin soul. :)

There are so many amazing bloggers out there, and many many more that I haven't yet found. I love this adventure of blogging. Being a small fish in a blog world can be over whelming, but these 4 ladies, whether they know it or not, make it fun. And totally bearable. :) Now if I could just get these loves together in one place for tea...


Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. said...

Ahhh, You are amazing Fallon and I love you girl. Jump into my brain anytime hun. xoxo

dianapantz said...

i love this! i would LOVE to save the planet with you!!

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