April 1, 2013

A Daddy Analogy.

My kids are spoiled. Not in the brat sort of way, but they have no lack of toys. The electronics ban is still (mostly) in effect, but it's not like they don't have anything else to play with. It drives me bonkers to hear, "I'm bored." 
I was venting to the Hubs one day about the kids not playing with the abundance of toys filling our house, and he said he didn't understand. We take the toys our kids have away, and they don't seem to care. Then he suggested we buy them more, cooler toys, then take those away. Slightly childish, right? But here is the analogy he used to explain his reasoning.
" if you give a bum ONE DOLLAR, then snatch it out of his hand, he'll be upset, but not overly concerned, it's only a dollar. BUT if you give that same bum ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS then rip it out of his hand, he'll be PISSED, because that's a lot of money." 
So apparently I should buy my kids some really cool stuff, then snatch it away. Then they would appreciate the dollar??? 

I would like to say that my husband is a rational man, and doesn't normally tease people of all living situations to my knowledge.

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