April 15, 2013

Things Daddy Says {again}

Hubs is going to school to be a Sheriff Reserve right now. It is this major time consuming part of our life. It takes so much time, and so much of our thoughts. It's a lifestyle. But anyways... Hubs and I were sitting at the dinner table talking about the remaining things he needs. If you haven't analyzed cop stuff, everything is basket weave. We had another awesome conversation! (I love our chats.) 
Hubs: I need a notebook cover. 
Me: Basket weave? 
Hubs: they have Basket weave everything. Basket weave hummingbird feeder, basket weave romper, basket weave men's Tungsten wedding band. 
Me: I'm getting you one. You'll be all basket weaves out.
Hubs: I'll have so much basket weave, they'll start calling me the dream weaver! 
The things that we say. Seriously, I'm glad there aren't hidden cameras in our house! 
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