April 29, 2013

Things Daddy Says (or didn't say)

So this week, Daddy didn't say anything that I can remember. This week has been hard. Hubs is so close to being done with school, and it is definitely the dark before the dawn right now. So daddy didn't say squat worth a laugh this week. However, Bo said something that knocked me right off my rocker. Here's how it went: 
Boden puts his hands down his pants- "Mommy, I have a pee pee. Do you have a pee pee mommy?"
Me- I sit in silence wondering what in the world I can possibly say to that. "Uhhhh, kinda Buddy." T
That was all I had, I didn't know what to say. 
The next morning, he saw me getting out of the shower. Boden- "where's your pee pee Mommy?"
Again, speechless. 
Are there really ever right words for moments like this? 

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