April 8, 2013

Things Daddy Says

I am really having fun with the things Hubs says. Last weekend, we were dying Easter eggs Saturday night, all by ourselves. The kids were in bed, and we had slacked on the good parent thing. I saw on Pinterest this really beautiful Ombre egg. I looked it up, and told Hubs I was making an Ombre egg. He asked what Ombre was, so I showed him a picture of Ombre hair, and explained that its "term" for fading from light to dark. Guess what Hubs said?
"So someone dyed their hair, were too lazy to go get it redone, and decided it was cool to have 2 colored hair?"
Yes honey, that is Ombre. :)
I love the way he looks at things, and the way he thinks is amazing! I am lucky to catch these things that fly out of his mouth! Hopefully I have enough to make this a series of sorts.

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