April 8, 2013

My Volkswagen

When I was 15 my mom bought me my first car. $500 dollars, and it was root beer (Or poop) brown. It had a crank handle I had to turn to open my sunroof, and it was all decked out in Hello Kitty gear. It wasn't at all what I imagined my first car to be, but I loved my little Larry Roesch Volkswagen
I was slightly wild in my younger days, and had no fear. With just my learners permit, I would drive my little Jetta to pick up pizza, go tanning, or all around our little town. My mom caught me a few times, but I had spare keys and a wild streak. 
My car was a year older than I was, and kids around my neck of the woods were driving brand new cars.  I was a little embarrassed of my old thing, but it was reliable with a stero that worked, and a sunroof! How could I not love it. 
The brown love of my 15 year old life got sold before I turned 16, so I never drove it legally. This car set the standard for the rest of the cars in my life. I have a few things I cannot compromise on when looking at new cars. I must have a sunroof. There is no getting around that one. I feel claustrophobic otherwise. Also, my car must have a great, working stero. That means speakers sturdy enough to last on days I need to "feel" my music. Although I no longer require Hello Kitty duds in my car, I have to have some kind of decor. (Right now it's carseats and tissues. That counts right??) 
It's funny how one little thing can give you a baseline to grow from. Thank you little Jetta for starting my car future out with a bang! 

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and ideas are my own.

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