April 6, 2013

Along My Weight Loss Journey

I have been struggling with this weight loss journey of mine. I mentioned here that I was down 17lbs. Since then, I've plateaued. It has taken me weeks to get over that bump, and back to losing weight again. My body is finally ready to push through, and move forward with this weight loss flower mound. Although the scale is telling me the weight is coming off, I'm not sure where it's coming off from! 
I am down almost 2 dress sizes. (I am eating 3 Cadbury mini eggs as I write this) I am feeling amazing in my body, though I am not quite where I want to be. I am getting close! By continuing to watch my portions, and watching the type of food I am putting in my body, I know the weight will continue to come off. 
If I say out loud that I am "dieting" I immediately go into hibernation mode, where I feel the need to eat as much as I can. Quickly. So to keep myself on the right path I've started looking harder at labels, and choosing things that are fresh. Another way to keep myself away from reaching for a quick fix, I try to have lots of healthy snacks ready and available. Sliced fruit, veggies, nuts, granola and yogurt are all go to snacks for me. Oh, and lots and lots of water. I mean lots. I have a reusable water cup with me at all times. 
I am working on finding the perfect exercise routine for me, but right now, that's not a huge factor in my weight loss. I will continue to fine tune my exercise and then once I find something I truly enjoy, I will add it to my everyday lifestyle. 
Regardless of the struggles, this is all working for me. I still have cheats, and I'm not crazy insane strict, but my body is re-teaching itself how to eat. It's not a quick fix, it's a forever lifestyle change, so I'll be patient while I get to my target weight the right way. 

1 comment:

dianapantz said...

yay! go you.
17 pounds is a big deal.
slow and steady wins the race.

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